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An essay about the book 'An Inspector Calls', the characters in the book and how they are portrayed.

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'An Inspector Calls' Essay I am going to write an essay about the book 'An Inspector Calls', the characters in the book and how they are portrayed. The family in this book are called the Birlings. There is Mr Birling who owns his own company and thinks he knows everything, Mrs Birling who is a snob and is wealthy because of her husband, Sheila who is the daughter and is getting engaged to Gerald Croft and Eric who is the son and a drunk. They are an upper class family who think very highly of themselves and expect respect from the lower class families. They live in the year 1912, I know this because it says in the book 'Why a friend of mine went over this new liner last week - The Titanic - she sails next week.' This shows they live in 1912 because the Titanic set sail in 1912. They live in a town called Brumley but it is not said where that is exactly. Mr Birling runs his own company and has a large house with a servant. This shows they must be quite wealthy to afford a servant and a large house. The play shows that they are rich with the nice things they have such as fine cigars, a big house and a servant. ...read more.


Eva Smith then got a new job at a shop called Milwards where Mrs Birling and Sheila shop a lot. Sheila got Eva fired from Milwards because she thought she was laughing at her because she didn't look nice in a dress she was adamant to try on. It says in the book 'I went to the manager at Milwards and I told him that if they didn't get rid of that girl, I'd never go near the shop again'. Sheila feels bad about what she did and wishes that she hadn't been in such a bad mood and taken her anger out on an innocent woman. Gerald had an affair with Eva but she had changed her name to Daisy Renton to try and get a fresh start. Gerald broke up with Daisy and because he was looking after some flats for a friend, gave her a room to stay in. He gave her some money and made frequent visits to see her. He then had to break up the relationship because he was moving back to Brumley. Gerald feels quite upset about what he did and wishes that Daisy had blamed him entirely for breaking up with her. He says in the book 'She didn't blame me at all. I wish to god she had now.' ...read more.


The papers would make a big deal out of the story from the Birlings and Gerald, as they would probably sue the person impersonating the police inspector. I think all the characters played an equal part in the death of Eva/Daisy and that they should all share the responsibility for the part they played. What they did was awful and they should all be equally punished for their actions and not allowed to forget about what they potentially could have caused. As the author wrote this play in 1945 he makes reference to all the important things that have happened before he wrote the play. For example he makes reference to the Kaiser and that there isn't a chance of war but the audience know this not to be true as World War II has already occurred and ended. He also makes reference to the Titanic being unsinkable which again the audience know not to be true as the Titanic sank on its maiden voyage. He refers to Russia always being economically behind the rest of the world but this again is not true as Mr Birlings views turn out to be incorrect. I think Priestly had intent to make ironic points about the future and about people's views on the future at that time. Martyn Symonds ...read more.

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