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An essay on A Christmas Carol. I will discuss how Dickens uses different language and writing techniques to provide the reader with a clear image of the nineteenth century.

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Jamie Kelly 2 May 2010 Essay On A Christmas Carol ________________ A Christmas Carol is a famous novel written by Charles Dickens, the most popular writer of the Victorian Era. The novel is based on a fictitious character named Ebenezer Scrooge, who is a grumpy, mean spirited money lender described by Dickens as ?a tight fisted hand at the grindstone?. The story is set in the mid nineteenth century, and provides a detailed interpretation of life during these times. In this essay I will discuss how Dickens uses different language and writing techniques to provide the reader with a clear image of the nineteenth century. I will also compare the story to modern day life and explain in detail the relevance it has in today?s society. Dickens was born in Portsmouth in 1812 and was the second of eight children. They moved to London in 1822 where he educated himself. He took on basic jobs, eventually becoming a legal clerk in 1827. His ambitions grew when his father showed him a house, which inspired him to do well in life. He had always loved writing, so in 1831 he obtained a job as a journalist and wrote a book of stories called Pickwick Papers. ...read more.


The use of powerful descriptions about the unknown place gives the reader a clear, detailed image of the scene and makes the reader think about how much has changed since Victorian times. In Stave One when Marley?s ghost enters Scrooge?s home, Dickens give the reader a hint on what is going to happen by saying that ?Scrooge then remembered to have heard that ghosts in haunted houses were described as dragging chains.? This is because Marley had lived his life as a money grabber like Scrooge, and because he failed to change his ways he must spend an eternity dragging chains and money boxes around. The ghost tells Scrooge that he is here to warn him that he must change or face Marley?s fate: ?A chance and hope of my procuring, Ebenezer?. Marley then tells Scrooge of the three spirits that will visit him, and to capture his shock Dickens describes this to the reader as ?Scrooge?s countenance fell almost as low as the ghost?s had done?. Marley?s ghost teaches Scrooge that he must listen to the spirits or ?he cannot hope to shun the path I tread?. The first of the three spirits is the ghost of Christmas Past and he takes Scrooge back to his time at school. ...read more.


Also, Dickens shows the effects that ignorance can have on the world and that if nothing is done to help poor families, then the end of society is near, as shown with the two children. Dickens includes little insights into Victorian life throughout the novel, such as cooking Christmas dinner in the bakers? ovens and hand me down clothes of the Cratchit family. In addition, Scrooge describes the atmosphere by personifying the potatoes bubbling in a pot at the Cratchits as if they were enjoying the feast as well. In conclusion, I think that Dickens enables the reader to see how much society has changed since the mid nineteenth century, and that the division between the wealthy and the poor is still increasing around the world today. I think that Dickens did not set out to tell future generations about the nineteenth Century, but to describe the life of poor people and the damaging effects of poverty to the ?upper class? of the Victorian times. I also believe that Christmas Carol has some relevance to our current society because many people in the modern world, although poor, consider themselves to be happy which can be compared to the Cratchit family in the novel. Jamie Kelly ...read more.

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