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An essay on the novel Frankenstein

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The novel Frankenstein is as relevant and terrifying today as it was when it was first published At the time that Mary Shelly wrote the book Frankenstein the idea of creating and bringing people back to life using electricity was a prominent idea in science. She was also reading Emile by a famous French philosopher Rousseau where he argues that mans nature is harmless but is made evil by society. These ideas help to influence her novel and contribute to the key themes. When Mary Shelly was young her mother died and this ties in with the character of Victor whose mother also dies from giving birth to his brother William, who is later murdered by the creature, (Mary Shelly also had a son called William who died at the age of 3). Mary Shelly's first child died twelve days after she was born, she had a dream that her child had come back to life she wrote "Dream that my little baby came to life again - that it had only been cold and that we rubbed it by the fire and it lived - I awake and find no baby - I think about the little thing all day" this tragedy is reflected in Frankenstein with the idea of bringing the dead back to life. Mary Shelly's own childhood seems to have been brought up in the character of the creature, the creature was abandoned by Victor and Mary Shelly seems to feel that her mother abandoned her because she died when Shelly was only a baby. ...read more.


Victor rejects the creature as soon as he has brought it to life just because of the way it looks, this is how the creature is treated by society through out the rest of the novel, he is seen as a monster and is rejected by society. These make the creature seem repulsive and grotesque, the thoughts of this creature would have terrified readers when it was first published but I do not think that it has the same effect on readers today. Far worse things are viewed in many places for example on the internet, television or in newspapers although something which had an appearance like the creature would probably still be rejected by society today and would still be considered horrifying. She tries to create an eerie and depressing atmosphere it seems to be a generally dark setting so what Frankenstein's doing seems more horrifying "it was a dreary night in November" and "it was already one in the morning the rain pattered dismally against the panes" this seems to reflect victors mood and it also makes the reader think of an awful bleak night which brings the reader in to the story, this make it more real for the reader. The description of light within the room creates an eerie atmosphere "There is a glimmer of half extinguished light" this image of darkness helps to create the eerie atmosphere. ...read more.


I think the main message of the book is that you should not try to act as a God and create life, as it will lead to disaster as it did for Frankenstein. Personally I feel sorry for the creature that was treated so badly by society as it could have led a reasonable life if it only was taught to love instead of to hate by its creator and society. Another message in the book is about the dangers of obsession as Frankenstein wants to eliminate disease but he becomes so obsessed in doing so he creates a monster and it ruins his life and every one he loves lives as well. I think that Frankenstein was more evil then the actual creature was as he created life which is morally wrong, he can also be considered evil because he does not take responsibility for the creature, I think the creature is the victim of the story as he has many human qualities such as he experiences sorrowfulness and has the ability to learn. He only wants to be accepted this never happens which helps teach the creature to hate society. Frankenstein is responsible for the deaths of his friends and family because let his scientific curiosity take over his common sense, he created the creature and did not take responsibility for it. It is also relevant to today because of the advances in science such as cloning, where scientists are able to replicate life, it emphasizes the need for scientists to be careful and also act responsibly. 2500 words ?? ?? ?? ?? Richard Withnell ...read more.

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