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An essay to trace the changes in the character of John Proctor with reference to his portrayal in Nicholas Hytner's film of 'The Crucible'.

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Thomas Henesey 11.O 19th October 2002 An essay to trace the changes in the character of John Proctor with reference to his portrayal in Nicholas Hytner's film of 'The Crucible' In this essay I will trace all of the key moments in the play 'The Crucible' that change the character of John Proctor. This essay will comment on the way that Daniel Day-Lewis plays John Proctor in Nicholas Hytner's film of 'The Crucible'. The first time we encounter John Proctor in the play is when Betty Parris is ill. John Proctor shows his power by telling Mary Warren to go home. This really shows the control that he has over her and that he has respect in the village. Now we see the first section with Abigail. It is done differently in the film to in the play as in the play they are by Betty Parris's bedroom but in the film they are outside behind a barn in the village. John's reaction to Abigail is that he is lustful. He knows that his affair with her was wrong and that it would wreck his name in the village so he tells her that it is over. He denies the whole affair and tells her that it never existed. He does so that he knows that the affair never happened. ...read more.


He is more irrational and is shouting and a real mess. In the film at this point John's hair goes all over the place is shows that he is losing control of his life, his clothes are a mess and he is muddy and dirty this is a sharp contrast from the clean man earlier in the play when he first arrives to see Betty Parris. Then towards the end of the play you can really see the change in John and Elizabeth's relationship it is clear to see the love between them as they share a long kiss in the film in front of everyone. They have clearly grown closer during the events that have happened this is a clear change in John from the beginning when he a Elizabeth were distant from each other they would only just share 'a peck on the check'. There is now warmth in their relationship as appose to the cold relationship that they had before in the dark house they are now kissing in the sunshine outside. To continue on with the changes in John Proctor this essay will go on to look at how is relationship with the village and with the authority has changed through out the play. John Proctor start off in the play as very respected man in the village and surrounding area his name was good and so was his family. ...read more.


When John Proctor goes to die he is a changed man. He has gone from being a good father, a good farmer, a good husband and a good towns person to being booed as he goes up to die for something that he didn't do and all because he loved his wife and not Abigail. John Proctor's relationship with Abigail started off with some lust in it but that has gone and now he has seen what kind of person she is and how persistent she is get what she wants. John's relationship with Elizabeth has got better throughout the play they have become closer as friends and closer as husband and wife. John changes a lot in his relationship with the village and the court in the village. In the end he disagrees with everyone in the court and everyone disagrees with him. The village believes that he is involved with witchcraft and he doesn't get a chance to prove them wrong. At his confession you can clearly see that he has changed a lot. It really is the final point to say that he has changed because of the fact that he is admitting to his affair with Abigail and at the begin he was trying to cover it up this proves how much of a change happened in his personality and his way of thinking. ...read more.

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