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An examination of the detective story genre in a range of stories Arthur Conan Doyle showing knowledge of literacy tradition and of a social, historical and cultural context.

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Year 10 GCSE Coursework *An examination of the detective story genre in a range of stories Arthur Conan Doyle showing knowledge of literacy tradition and of a social, historical and cultural context. In this essay I will be analysing: The Speckled Band, The Red-Headed League, and The Blue Carbuncle by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I will be showing and comparing the plots of all three stories, the settings, the structure, and language used, characteristics of Holmes and Watson, and my own conclusion. All three stories were written in the 1890s.Crime writing was very popular in the 19th century, people found it to be very entertaining. It all started with a man called Edgar Allan Poe, he wrote the very first detective story "The Murders in the Rue Morgue". Poe was a great inspiration to Doyle; he was the one who made Doyle what he is today. Doyle just loved Poe's writing and he used Poe as a model when he set out to write detective stories himself. Detective stories then began in the middle nineteenth century when police forces organised in U.S., France and England. They were then published in magazines in instalments. ...read more.


All three of these stories create strange but similar atmospheres. Three similarities that these stories have is that they all took place around the 1880s/1890s,all three stories in the beginning always take place at 221B Baker Street, and all three stories seem to take place in and out of Victorian London. The mystery of "The Red-Headed League" takes place mainly around Victorian London and is described as very busy, crowded and swarming full of pedestrians. There are references to carriages, cellars and lanterns throughout the story so this will give you an image of the kind of atmosphere to expect. The way London is described it will probably strike people as it being old fashioned if you compare it from then and now when read. The value of money was different from then and now. In "The Red-Headed League" �4 a week is seemed to be an awful lot, because most people in those days would maybe make that in a month or two. The story shows conflict between rich and poor people. The Blue Carbuncle is set in a few places around London, and has references to old buildings and carriages when Holmes and Watson are in the search of the goose. ...read more.


He now lives with Holmes at 221B Baker Street and is his close companion. Holmes is the one who solves the mystery and Watson is the one who describes Holmes and his methods in detail. He is portrayed as a capable, brave, decent and reliable person. Watson tries to solve crimes on his own using Holmes methods, but as Holmes always points out he never observes. Overall I think that the 3 short stories: The Speckled Band, The Red-Headed League, and The Blue Carbuncle work as great detective stories because as you keep reading they seem to interest you more so you never out them down. The stories have become so great because most of the characters are based on real people who have a strong connection to the character. Between all three stories I liked The Speckled Band more because it seems more interesting and the case that needs to be solved is very mysterious due to the strange death. The title is even intriguing; it makes you want to read it. When you read up to the part where Holmes finds out who is killing everyone that just makes you ask yourself so many questions as to why that happened so its more exciting and you just have to keep reading. ...read more.

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