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"An Experience of a life time"

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Experience of a life time "Get to bed, Dharam," my mother shouted. The excitement, the adrenaline pumping in me, kept me awake all night. I was trying to imagine myself in India, wondering what it was going to be like: the people, the country, the weather, I couldn't keep the energy inside of me; I just wanted to get there and see it for myself. The following morning, I gave my love and best wishes to my family and departed from Manchester International Airport. I then found myself on air India Flight heading to my destination Delhi. It was 5:00 am when we arrived in India. The smell hit me straight in the face, the heat firing at 36'Celsius came gushing at me; the people were rushing around like ants on a summer's day! I was in the fourth dimension it was nothing like I had imagined. The hooters and revving engine of the cars that cluttered the busy streets merged in a great cacophony of sound. There were people begging for money, there were people making food on stoves on streets having lived in England it was a sight I was not familiar with. ...read more.


This time I wasn't as nervous as I was before. As I came off the bus I felt different. I was used to the road and cars everywhere. Patiala was different from Delhi and Kurukshetra, it was cleaner and there were no animals running around there was also no pollution. I stayed in Patiala for a week because I found it clean compared to the other cities. I visited my Dad old school and saw where he had worked. As he was showing me I could see that he felt very emotional leaving his home country. After a week in Patiala, I headed back for Delhi to visit my mum's parents who were visiting from England I couldn't wait to see them because I new they could speak the same language as me. Two days later we went to Agra to see the TajMahal; I was so amazed to see how magnificent the marble brickwork was and by the stunning architecture. There were people visiting from all over the world. As we went inside the TajMahal, it was dark the guide with a torch came over and told the story behind the TajMahal. ...read more.


I knew time was coming up to go back. One part inside of my wanted to stay and the other didn't. 48 hours! The clock was ticking. I looked at the calendar and my emotions ran I had the feeling that someone was taking pieces of my heart away. Will I ever come back? Will I ever see these people again? I felt depressed. I didn't want to go home, well not yet. I enjoyed myself so much that I didn't want to leave. I sat in the room where I slept and looked at all four walls of the room and said," Dharam you're going home to your family." I checked again to see if I was missing anything. I then went out and spent the rest of the day with my friends also enjoyed the Indian food. I bought some gifts for my family and got ready for my journey to Delhi airport. I said my final farewells and realized the adventure was over and I was returning back to reality, back to England. When I got into the aeroplane, my tears ran down my face as I looked out of the window all I could manage was a wave. I then promised myself I would visit India again. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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