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An extra scene from Lord of the flies

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Anthony Saladas Diminishing society (An extra scene from Lord of the flies) As the sun rose, a silhouette of the land became perceptible. A black outline of the rocks was visible with a mass of creepers devouring them; spreading out and consuming more and more land everyday. The sea undulated, more vigorously than before, spewing mats of seaweed across the sand. A strong wind bowed the small trees on to their sides so that the spiny leaves were almost touching the sand. There had been a storm in the night, and for the first time on the island it was raining. Piggy was the first to wake. He rubbed his eyes and patted his hand along the ground, searching for his glasses. As he put them on and as his eyes adjusted he noticed that the roof had concaved slightly and a puddle of rain now lay on top. ...read more.


Ralph rushed to the platform and shouted to everyone. As people began to awake from their shelters, he proclaimed that there would be a meeting at dusk and in the meantime everyone was to go to the forest and collect supplies to build a new shelter; the children set out. The littluns went, but only came back with a stick or a large branch at the most. As Ralph tried to start rebuilding the shelter, jack shouted to his group of hunters. 'This is a waste of time' he yelled 'I'm going hunting, and if any of you hunters want to join me, you're welcome.' 'Wacco' 'Wizard' The hunters dropped their supplies and began to follow Jack who walked off egocentrically, grinning and laughing. As the sun dissolved into a festoon of black sky, a gathering of children began to collect around the platform. ...read more.


Immediately he turned and engaged in a repeated chant reminding the boys that he was leader, to which they paid no attention. Disregarding the insignificance, he continued, hoping that eventually he would suffice. He deliberately avoided eye contact with Jack, aware that he had taken the conch. Eventually he refined from the shouting and plunged to the ground sinking his head into the sand. He contemplated quarrelling with Jack, but the conch was a mere pigment in the bedlam that had now fixated itself among the boys. He picked himself up from the sand and assembled on a rock. His foot was wedged in a tangling creeper, which seemed to be coming from the direction of the boys. He paused for a moment and removed his foot from the snake like vine. As he looked around again he saw Piggy who was standing secluded from the group and seemed to be tying his shoelaces. He then pulled his socks up and sat cross-legged in the sand gazing out to sea. Anthony Saladas 1 1 ...read more.

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