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An eye of evil

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An eye of evil I sat there engrossed in a novel, floating around in another world. I could read all day pretending I was a self-created character in the story. My imagination ran and ran, with pictures spinning round my head. I could turn words into scenes I wish I was that person in the book, imaginary. Suddenly the phone rang. I could feel all the emotions out of the silence. I jerked forwards with shock and stopped breathing for a moment. My eyes came off the book and travelled across to the phone, which I grabbed. Who will it be this time? "Hello", I whimpered in a nervous voice. No reply. I raised my voice, which did not seem like me at all. "Who is speaking? What do you want?" Still there was an endless silence, enough to hear deep heavy breathing down the other end of the line. I began to hesitate and became worried, "Leave me alone", I shouted. I slammed the phone down although I have no idea why. ...read more.


What had I done to deserve this? I was a lonely person living in a small home seeking companionship. Day in day out, I live life quietly, reading novels, living in another world. Never in my life, have I caused trouble. I have only learnt to live a simple life where I respect other people's privacy. All day since these events, I would constantly stare out of the windows shaking with fright, on a lookout to find my stalker. The nights were worse, as I could not sleep. The emotions and thoughts twisted and turned round and round my head, until there was so much pressure I would explode. The shadows of the trees swaying, kept me awake. My stomach was in knots all the time and I could hardly control my shaking. Inch by inch someone was moving closer to me, like deadly vermin, ready to poison my brain. I became extremely paranoid and felt someone was watching my every move, recording it in exact detail. One simple mistake and I would be digging my own grave. ...read more.


My head was spinning round and round. Was I living a terrible nightmare? That is exactly what it felt like. I made my way to the cupboard and frantically searched for a torch. Slowly I made my way to the garden shed, slithering like a snake ensuring I was not to be seen. It was a scary journey, even though it was my own home. The shed was the only place I could go to. There were fairies at the bottom of my garden. I locked the shed and sat down in the corner. A friend once told me that she would protect me. The shed was always her favourite place. It was the only safe place I could go to where I felt secure. I chanted her name, in a desperation hoping she would give me some sort of signal. I made it a soothing area by putting an armchair and some candles in the corner. The fairies would look after me. They would make sure no one would touch me. I prayed for help from my friend. I sat on the armchair rocking myself to sleep. No one would touch me, I was blessed by angels, and they kept a look out from above and demolished all evil. ...read more.

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