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An Insight into literary - Thomas Hardy - Tony kytes, Arch Deceiver and The Withered Arm

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An Insight into literaryCookie: ASP, Thomas Hardy - 'Tony kytes, Arch Deceiver' and 'The Withered Arm' At the beginning of the 19th Century, Thomas Hardy, now seen as a master of literature, wrote a series of short stories designed to appeal to the general audience at the time, giving accounts about country life in the community of 'Wessex' (Hampshire, Dorset and Devon). These stories can be viewed today with a quiet distaste, if not because of Hardy's style, which although fairly lightweight, is eminently readable, but rather the content of the pieces. The country environment which, almost two hundred years ago, formed the scene where Hardy wrote these pieces, was not quite so enlightened as many women would like to believe today's society is, and Hardy discusses the expectations and beliefs of the close-knit community without a hint of the necessary political correctness needed today. Women in the 1820's were not considered equals, and Hardy goes quite some way to explaining many grievances that women around the turn of the century fought against. ...read more.


In all cases, the women's personality is portrayed in the most parts to help the reader of the piece to ascertain the availability of the various women, and how "offering" their mood is towards the men, an example being "Can you say I'm not pretty: no-cacheAccept: image/x-xpm, image/x-ico, image/gif, image/x-krl, image/x-bmp, image/x-eps, image/png, image/tiff, image/jpeg, image/x-pnm, image/x-xbm, image/fax-g3Accept-Encoding: x-gzip; q=1.0, gzip; q=1.0, identityAccept-Charset: iso-8859-1;q=1.0, *;q=0.9, utf-8;q=0.8Accept-Language: en_GB, enHost: www.makefriendsonline.comCookie: ASPSESSIONIDQQGQQVCU=EIOLJJMDBNIFLLGEIFFEOHDK; ASPSESSIONIDGGQQGVCK=CIHJPLMDKFMLCMKNNMOFMCIJ; referrer=stored_; advert=1826739678`__��\p_P���__E__�mu@_?_x2Page. Rhoda Brook in The Withered Arm is also portrayed as shallow, sending her son to discover "If she's dark or fair, as tall as I." This sentence shows the values that Rhoda sees as vitally important, with her height being seen as advantageous, while Gertrude Lodge's complexion being of interest merely to ascertain if she is truly competition, the quote following much of 18th C society's understanding of women, based almost alone on their looks. Hardy describes Rhoda herself in a similar vein, "dark eyes that had once been handsome." ...read more.


coming for a social visit: "I play golf with the chief inspector and was a judge for ma____________________��G_MS-DOS Text with Line Breaks (*.txt)_er merely as a way to advance the "provincial accented" Mr Burling in society. Mrs Burling also sees such an entrance by the inspector in much the same way, "You aren't suggesting that anyone from this room is involved are �GRich Text Format *.rtf)she, her family and friends are above the law. Eric sees the inspectors comment "I don't play golf)" with naivety, failing to recognise that the comment by the i @idea of the relationship between them, and is shocked and surprised when she finally works it out, leading to her own death, although the withered arm is whole again.Tony Kytes in The Arch Deceiver is obviously what Hardy believes many Wessex men were like: he is indecisive and goes almost entirely upon the looks of the women concerned, changing his opinion of each of the women as he spends time with them, while also hel1;q=1.0, *;q=0.9, utf-8;q=0.8Sat, Mar 26, 2005Accept-Language: en_GB, enSat, Mar 26, 2005Host: www. ...read more.

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