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An inspecter Calls

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Literature Coursework: 'An Inspector Calls' In this essay we will be discussing the different views both the inspector and Arthur Birling have on responsibility by studying both speeches. We will be also be looking at how J.B Priestly presents the two speeches in the play and who does J.B Priestly want the audience to agree. I will be studying the language and techniques J.B Priestly uses to make the two speeches sound more affective. I will back up my opinions with evidence and examples. The play 'An Inspector Calls' is about a rich, middle class, respected family called the Birlings. The main family member Arthur Birling, a prosperous manufacturer is holding a family dinner party to celebrate his daughter's engagement to the main-about-town Gerald Croft. When an Inspector Google intrudes their family party. With some unexpected news. He is investigating the suicide of a young working-class lady called Eva Smith. By the end of his visit he discovers every family member has something to own up to which relates to the young girls suicide. The Inspector leaves them to reflect on their actions and wondering weather all of this was a hoax. The overall moral message of the play is to learn to take responsibility for each other and that what affects one human being with affect you also. ...read more.


Priestly using the other characters reaction after the speech to make us not want to agree with his views. Eric and Gerald don't really seem to agree with his opinion as they don't really comment on what he was discussing to them. Eric gives the impression that is father was rambling and wasn't that interested 'yes, you piled it on a bit tonight, father'. Also the Inspectors arrival didn't really give anyone to reply as the door bell interrupted Mr Birlings speech '"after himself -and-" we hear a sharp ring of a front door bell'. Priestly undermines the idea that Birlings speech is incorrect as Eva Smith commits suicide later on in the play, in result of the Birling family just looking after them selves and not anyone else. This shows his views are sometimes wrong. As no good has come out their actions. An audience of 1946 would most likely disagree with Mr Birling as they had a strong sense of community at that year. I think a modern audience would perhaps have a more mixed opinion, however some people might agree with parts of his speech around looking after your and minding there own business. ...read more.


The audience of 1946 was set in the Second World War so they would perhaps be more conscious of the idea of community and the suffering of others. They would mostly likely disagree with Mr Birling's speech. A modern audience might be more mixed opinion as we live in a more individualistic capitalist society. Conclusion In each speech there were parts i agree with and parts I don't. In Mr Birlings I agree with part of his opinion when he says you should look after just you and your family. As you could have goals to achieve for example you want to be an actor you need to be abit self-fish at times to get where you want to be. However I do agree with parts of the Inspectors speech as we do need to look after one another other wise when you need help who's going to give to you. My ideas on responsibility have change slightly by reading this play, but not as much. I've realized that is quite important to help one another for example if someone is getting bullied it needs to be stopped, as you wouldn't like to be treated in that way. I think a modern audience would respond differently to a 1946 as people in 1946 as the different time periods had different moral. Elsa Melrose 10G Mr Wright English ...read more.

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