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an inspector call

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AN INSPECTOR CALLLS ANGEL MASIH 10a2 "AN INSPECTOR CALLS" is a play written by J.B.PRIESTLY. It is known as a well made play. J.B.PRIESTLY was from very poor family. He was a strong socialist who was convinced of the need for social change to benefit the poor. The play starts as an old fashioned "whodunit" play, but ultimately becomes a morality play. The dates 1912 (when the play is set) and 1945 (when the play was first performed) are important because at that time people like the Birlings thought that there would not be a chance of war but they didn't know that war was going to happen. This play is about a mysterious inspector investigating the suicide of a young working-class woman. Under the pressure of this interrogation, every member of the family turns out to have a secret which links them to Eva Smith's death. In this play the inspector wants to teach the Birlings that their actions do have effects on others and that they should care about people less fortunate than themselves. In this essay, I am going to discuss how in Act 1 of the play "AN INSPECTOR CALLS" J.B.PRIESTLY uses dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to members of the audience, as well as interest and involve them in the play. ...read more.


these assurances emphasize the blind complacency of Birling's generation and perhaps our own. [Is this copied? If so, you need to put it in your own words. Otherwise, it is considered to be cheating.] Inspector Goole - the name sounds like "Ghoul" - someone who has an interest in death, a spirit which is said to take fresh life from corpses. His existence is as a result of the Eva Smith's death. [What do you mean? Make it clearer for the reader.] Inspector Goole is introduced to the play as a harsh figure who is investigating the suicide of a young working-class woman. Under his interrogation, every member of the family turns out to have a shameful secret which links them with her death. Goole is a seaport town [I thought Goole was an inspector not a town!?!?!?!?!] and perhaps suggests that he is going to get information. [You need to rethink this. I do not understand your point.] He is described as creating an "an impression of massivness, solidity and purposefulness" is given. [The last sentence does not make any sense. Have you copied your original words correctly?] He speaks carefully, weightily and has a disconcerting habit of looking at the person he speaks. ...read more.


He thinks of himself as a God who can make people's life or destroy it. Priestly involves the audience in many ways by which he grabs the audience's attention and puts them into the play where they want to unravel the mystery of the dead woman. In this play Priestly wants to give us a message about our moral values that we should correct our way of living like our behaviour so that we can;t hurt someone's feeling's and treat them as we want to treated. [Look at this whole paragraph again, both from the point of view of grammar and meaning. You need do some work on it.] ----------------- 1 Formatting: Start paragraphs at the margin. Do not indent. 2 Always do a spell check before handing in work. 3 You need to take a serious look at your essay. 4 Copying without using quotation marks is called plagiarism. It is a kind of cheating because you are try to use someone else's words as your own. 5 POINT, EVIDENCE, EXPLANATION ! This is the game. You must follow this rigorously to get the marks! You tend to make points without backing them up. 6 I want to see it again as soon as you have done the above. 7 DO NOT HAND IT IN TO YOUR ENGLISH TEACHER! ...read more.

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