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An inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls This is a play set in 1912 as it was written in this year. It was not until 33 years later in 1945 when it was first preformed. The genre of this play is fiction as it is based on a murder mystery. It is set in one evening in spring. In this play it consisted of seven characters. All these characters were main, as they all had big and equally important parts. The characters: Arthur Birling - Father Sybil Birling - Mother Shelia Birling - Daughter Eric Birling - Son Edna - Maid Gerald Croft - Son-in-law to be Inspector Goole- Police Inspector The play is mainly based on an inspector trying to teach a family a lesson. As he believes the way this family live there lives and treat other people in a horrible manner. ...read more.


That it was wrong and that is used to happen. This was his way to make known to people that situations like these are taking place. Also this helped show people this was wrong it was more like an eye opener. There is a lot of irony of this play such as; They are talking about the war ad how it will not happen and how the Titanic will not sink. Which happened after the play was written, Mr Birling also talks about how the Titanic will not sink. Then later on we discover the Titanic does actually sink. These are good ways to show it was written before the war. It also gives us an insight to the mentally of thinking behind people in those days. The thinking behind people in 1912 was that they can use there powder in which ever way the like, whether it affects other people or not. ...read more.


When introducing a character there was normally a drastic change in the mood and light. So it shows a character is either entering or leaving. They needed to make this clear as when the inspector started gathering information. The family's pink zone was breaking up more and more. It's almost as if they are being brought back to reality from there safe family zone. At the end of most acts it was left as cliff hanger this is to make you want to read more and think to yourself what could possible happen next. For example at the end of act 1 is when Shelia is asking Gerrald what his connection was with this Eva Smith. So it stops when she is asking him questions so this cliff hanger is whether he tells Shelia the truth or whether he lies. These cliff hangers were purposely put there by Priestly so you want to read more. He leaves you intrigued of what will happen. ...read more.

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