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An Inspector Calls

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Lizzy Cowell English Coursework How successful is Priestly in conveying his message to the audience through stage directions, dialogue and the character of the Inspector in his final speeches? Priestley's message is that everyone should be careful what they do because he thinks that everyone is connected so it could affect other people not just yourself. He thought that we are all part of one big community. I think Priestly tried to impart this message in 1945 because it was the end of World War Two and moral was very low in Britain. We as an audience are meant to listen to the Inspector rather than Birling because at the start of the book Birling proves that he is very arrogant and thinks he knows it all which he demonstrates when he says that 'the titanic is unsinkable'. ...read more.


This sentence would make the play more memorable and that would have been very powerful at the time it was written because more people were going to see plays as it was too expensive to buy and print books because of the war. The Inspector is an imposing character, 'Taking charge masterfully' These stage directions use an adverb to show that the Inspector is extremely good at it. This makes the characters stop and pay attention as it seems that he is now the master of the situation. The sudden change has a shock effect on the audience by using such a dramatic device. This is the point when Priestly should say his message as everyone is paying attention. This play needed to be memorable to be able to convey Priestley's message, and this is an important message about change and how we should live our lives differently. ...read more.


The Inspector makes the audience think about the horrors of war, '... if men will not learn that lesson, then they will be taught in fire and blood and anguish.' Priestly uses the power of three in this sentence, the effect that this would have on the audience is that it is very serious because he says pretty much the same thing three times, so it would have three times the effect. To the audience this would have quite an impact as there was possibility of war at the time and this might have made them a little frightened as to what was to come. The Inspector wants us to feel part of a society, 'We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other.' When Priestly uses personal pronouns, it makes the characters and the audience feels more involved in the pay and what is being said. This helps convey Priestly message of being part of one society. ...read more.

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