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An Inspector Calls.

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An Inspector Calls An Inspector Calls was written in 1945 and was set in 1912 in a house owned by a high class family and is about what they have done wrong. The play was by J.B Priestly. The time that the play was set was set in is important, as world war one was going to start in a few years and the Titanic was just about to set sail. In the play Mr Birling says that we will never go to war with Germany. "The Germans don't want war. Nobody wants war", and he also says that the titanic is unsinkable "Why, a friend of mine went over this new liner last week - the Titanic - she sails next week - forty-six thousand eight hundred tonnes - New York in five days - and ever luxury - and unsinkable.", he is wrong about both of these. J.B Priestly was born in Bradford, Yorkshire on 13th September 1894 he was a playwright. Before becoming a playwright he wrote two novels. His first novel was the bestselling The Good Companions (1929) and his second novel was Angel Pavement (1930). In 1932 he wrote his first play called Dangerous Corner and he also wrote several other plays before An Inspector Calls. Priestley's last play was A Severed Head (1963) Priestley was into politics, he speaks a lot of politics in An Inspector Calls as Mr Birling speaks of socialism. ...read more.


Shelia regrets these events as she says she feels guilty all of the way through the play, and even after the inspector leaves. I think that Shelia is the third most responsible for Eva's death because she got Eva fired from "her last stable job." as the inspector says, if she didn't get Eva fired then she wouldn't have met any of the other characters apart from Mr Birling in bad circumstances. Gerald: Gerald is engaged to Sheila which is his connection to the Birling family. Gerald's Involvement with Eva Smith is when he met her at the palace music hall in the bar, a man was harassing her and Gerald stopped her, "The girl saw me looking at her then gave me a glance that was nothing less than a cry for help. So I went across and told Joe Meggarty some nonsense - that the manager has a message for him or something like that - got him out of the way - and then told the girl that if she didn't want anymore of that sort of thing she'd better let me take her out of there. She agreed at once." He started to use her as his mistress, but he was kind to her because he helped her out by letting her stay in some rooms he was looking after for a friend, "It happened that a friend of mine, Charlie Brunswick, had gone off to Canada for ...read more.


I think that Mrs Birling is the most responsible for this is because she didn't help Eva when she was in need. Eric: Eric is the son of Mr Birling He is often getting drunk and doesn't have much part in the play. Eric's involvement with Eva is that He met her at the Palace Music hall in the bar he was drunk and he went with Eva back to Her lodgings She didn't want him to go in But he threatened to make a row. "I was in that state when a chap easily turns nasty - and I threatened to make a row." He then met her a fortnight afterwards when he happened to see her again at the Palace bar. This time they talked a bit about themselves. The next time they met she told him that she thought she was going to have a baby. He then stole fifty pounds from his Mr Birling's office to keep Eva going. In conclusion I think that Mrs Birling is most responsible for Eva's death because she refused to help Eva when she most needed it. Even though I think that Mrs Birling is the most responsible for Eva's death I also think that everyone else apart from Gerald are still highly responsible for her death. I think that Gerald is not responsible for her death because he was the only person who helped her. ...read more.

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