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An Inspector Calls

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family and fianc�. She was very happy but after the Inspector has arrived, she was very upset and feeling very guilty over Eva Smith. Sheila was mad with her father after listening to the conversation between Arthur and the Inspector. "But these girls aren't cheap labour- they're people..." Sheila was so mad with her father for being selfish and cruel to a girl. She didn't know why he had to do that, but when the Inspector said that he wasn't the only person who actually was being cruel and selfish. "...She was lucky to get take on at Milwards." When she knew Eva Smith as taken to another place for work. "...After about couple of months, just when she felt she was settling down nicely, they told her she had to go..." "There was nothing wrong with the way she was doing her work. They admitted that. All she knew was- that a customer complained about her- and she had to go." Sheila gave out a little cry, gives half-stifled sob, and then runs out when the inspector showed who Eva Smith was. Her father told her there's nothing to worry about when he went after her, but Sheila knew this wasn't his fault so he could say that. And it doesn't make any change to herself being like that. She was found guilty because when Eva Smith settled down in the Milwards, when Sheila went there she wanted to try ...read more.


Sheila went mad with her mother at this Act. This was because Sheila knew something about this inspector and Mrs Birling hasn't notice. And Mrs Birling was briskly and self confidently, in fact her was very calm. Sheila was warning her not to say something that aren't true. "You see, I feel you're beginning all wrong. And I'm afraid you'll say something or do something that you'll be sorry for afterwards..." She's trying to her mother's attention and understand that this inspector knows everyone of them that has don something guilty. "... You mustn't try to build up a kind of wall between us and that girl. If you do then the inspector will break it down..." Mrs Birling is a member of the Brumley Women's charity. She met Eva Smith there because she was calling herself Mrs Birling, and ask for money for herself and the baby. "... Go and look for the father of the child. It's his responsibility..." Mrs Birling was mad with her for insulting her name, and she thinks that the father of the child should take the responsibility and she's not willing to help her. " ...I did nothing that I'm ashamed of or what won't bear investigation..." She's telling the audience that there's nothing she's done to Eva Smith was wrong. And she was only doing what she was suppose to do. ...read more.


The audience's interest is sustained not only be progressive revelations but by their desire to find out who, untimely, was the responsible for driving Eva to suicide. This is what the audience should be thinking about during different acts and as the Inspector ask questions. As I did say earlier on in this letter, that I wasn't really pleased with the way you comment on the way I have made the Inspector was never revealed. The inspector is the most important character in this play. He caused most dramatic devices in this play, this makes him the central to the structure and narrative of the play. He also cause even more mysterious at the end when the characters act out who wondering who he was, this causes the audiences' attention and making them engaged. He also has the part of acting out many dramatically emotions to each characters. The role of the inspector causes he went around each characters and asking some questions. This is the dramatic structure, each characters at the end would have something guilty that they have done. This wouldn't make the audiences and the characters themselves feel really annoyed during different acts. Also catches the audiences concentration. After you have read this letter I would hope you have understand more and this play and theme of it. This isn't just for a laugh, it has contained many messages for the audience to understand and to remember. With many thanks Your sincerely J.B Priestley ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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