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An inspector calls

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An inspector calls At the beginning of the play Sheila and Mr Birling are very different characters and are still very much so upon the end of the play, they both react with the different stages of the play in a variety of ways. Sheila's character at the opening comes across as a confident young girl. During these times it would not have been popular for a young girl to have seen her boyfriend on many occasions yet she still has the confidence and belief in herself to ridicule her lover "(with mock aggression) Go on, Gerald just you object .Yet at the beginning mr Birling starts of as a cocky arrogant man and his only concern's are his own such as on a most joyful occasion such as his daughters wedding party he decides to speak about busy "perhaps we may look forward to the time when Crofts and Birlings are no longer competing but are working together for lower costs and higher prices "surely this is not the correct topic to be talking about on such a pleasing event yet he chose to put his business first. ...read more.


On the contrast to Mr Birling, Sheila acknowledges her part in Miss Smith's death yet is very distressed by the ordeal "she looks at it closely recognises is with a little cry, gives a half-stifled sob and then runs out" Even throughout his daughters distress he still continues to dismiss any element if this girls death "well I only did what any employer would of done". This leads to the progress of the reader's hatred towards him. His daughter also sees what a cruel man her father is really being and feels hatred for him "but these girls aren't just cheap labour their people" Priestley this quotation to show what kind of person Sheila truly is, a kind, caring girl somewhat different from her character at the start of the play priestly emphasises Sheila's new found wisdom and care by using many quotes including "(passionately) your pretending everything's just as it was before ". Priestley is showing just how much Sheila has changed from a confident girl to a passionate woman this truly shows how the effect on Eva has really affected her, as well as building up hatred for Mr Birling the audience should know be building up their ...read more.


where as just moments before this out burst Birling threatened the inspector with the knowledge that he knows the inspectors boss "I ought to warn you that he's a old friend of mine and that I see him fairly frequent" this show how low Birling would really drop by bribing a man with his job. The inspector influences the characters all throughout the play Priestly uses him to show all types of a character's and this attributes without the inspector how else would we have known about Sheila being such a passionate woman or the extent of maliciousness of mr Birling. The playwright had made the audience feel "we are responsible for others" by demonstrating what happens if we don't and he does it in the harshest way possible by showing the death a pregnant woman a unborn child has lost its life due to the fact of only worrying about ourselves and the audience doesn't want this to happen again now they know the true extent of it and mr Birling's role in this is not to be like him do you really want to be the man that causes death therefore the audience try to be different to him and try to look after watchtower ...read more.

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