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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls In 'An Inspector calls', Priestly looks at many characters, their stage actions, language and their ideas in great detail. In this essay I will be exploring and analysing the relationship between Arthur Birling and his son Eric. After reading the play, I found out that Mr Birling and his son Eric did not have a strong relationship. This is because Arthur did not realise when his son started drinking so much and stole money from his office. Making a girl pregnant could not be hidden from a father, but Arthur did not come to know anything about it until the end. I will be using quotes and stage actions to show the relationship between Arthur and Eric. ...read more.


Your not the kind of father a chap could go to when he's in trouble' (pg.54). In a case like this a father should always be there so the son can talk to him, listen to his problems, and give him the advice he needs. But Eric couldn't do that because his father paid more attention to his social status and business, rather than his family, as he had said earlier, '... a man has to mind his own business and look after himself...' At the end of the play, when the whole family found out about Eric getting Eva Smith pregnant, Mr Birling started putting the whole blame of Eva Smiths death on Eric, as he made it clear to him by saying, 'you're the one I blame for this'. ...read more.


But in Eric's case, Mr Birling didn't understand what his son had been through instead of helping his son he just put the whole blame on him. All fathers and sons have problems or secrets they don't want to share with each other, and Mr Birling's relationship with Eric proves that, especially when Eric goes behind Arthur's back and gets Eva pregnant. I think that if Arthur and Eric had a good relationship then Eric would have told Arthur about Eva. But seeing as they didn't, Eric did not feel confident enough to go to his father, this shows us that the relationship between them two was not good, and I think that if Mr Birling paid some attention to his kids either than worrying about his status and knighthood then he could of avoided a lot of trouble. By Nitu Kapoor ?? ?? ?? ?? Nitu Kapoor - English coursework - An Inspector Calls ...read more.

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