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An Inspector Calls.

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An Inspector Calls Coursework Essay! Priestly's play; An Inspector Calls is a didactic and enthralling play, teaching the audience an important point about the society and how it has changed. He has very strong views about the wellbeing of the society and wanted to show this in his play. He wanted to express the point that everybody are responsible for each other and that they are never alone, someone is always there in need or desire. He thought that the whole British economy was falling and this was a great disappointment to him. These points were the lessons, which was the main background for the play, and Priestly needed to release this idea thoroughly and meaningfully. This had to be achieved so that the audience would take notice and feel that the point is important and worth while to listen to. He had to make sure that is wasn't boring but inspiring to the audience so they would be fully absorbed into the play. This would gain that the message could be put forward successfully. So, Priestly decided that the play that he wanted to create would be a thriller, mystery. ...read more.


(door slams) Yes, come in Mr Birling." This shocks the characters and makes them feel even more suspicious about the so-called Inspector. This has a great and important impact on the audience as it also confirms that he is a weird and uncanny character. This technique of making the audience anxious is very effective. It makes them think what would happen next and if the family find out the real truth about the Inspector. When the Inspector talks about the death of Eva Smith he make s out that each member of the family are extremely guilty but as such they haven't done anything directly wrong. Neither of them has taken part in a crime or direct attack but the Inspector makes them feel that they have. This makes it easier to put forward Priestly's main point as it suggests the audience that it could happen to anyone and little things that the audience may have done in the past could lead to something larger and more serious. This makes them realise that they should be cautious of their actions because they are shown the consequences that have happened to the Birlings. ...read more.


At the start of the play everything was so perfect and socialised with the Birlings eating and dining in style and authority which is a complete contrast of what happens at the end of the play. This makes the audience realise that the difference and affect that has come upon the Birlings is very significant and a major point that will be thought upon deeply. It can just show to the audience of how a small split second decision by each individual of the family could conjure up such a palaver and inconvenience to other people such as Eva Smith. In conclusion I think that this play was very effective of achieving J.B.Priestly's aim. He made it clear of what his point was and the ways that he did achieve it were entertaining and exciting. I thrived off the fact that the small things that all the characters did could produce the kind of chaos and sadness that occurred. It just makes me realise that I must think more about the actions that I take and what I would do about it. It proved to me that not one family is perfect and has a perfect lifestyle. Every body is the same and you have to face the consequences for other peoples actions sometimes. William Hobson 10 RK An Inspector Calls Coursework Essay! ...read more.

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