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An inspector calls

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An Inspector Calls 'An Inspector Calls' is a play set in the mystery/ detective thriller genre. It is set in 1912; however it was written by J.B Priestly in 1945 and first staged in Moscow. As he lived through both wars he could see what had actually happened in the time the play was set. This allowed him to contradict the ways in which people lived and the way the political parties governed the country as he had an insight to the outcomes and consequences to their decisions. He was a realist, challenging its cause-and-effect structure and its closed system of action with a series of plays that used the dimension of time in unconventional and surprising ways. Priestly uses the characters to express his views on the issue of social responsibility, morality and about class divisions with many themes including greed, regret, guilt and blame. In the opening of 'An Inspector Calls' the audience learns of the Birling family who are wealthy. They are celebrating their daughter's engagement with her fianc�, Gerald. The Inspector arrives and breaks up the party, questioning the family on the death of a young Eva Smith, who had killed herself by drinking disinfectant. Upon questioning each member of the family seems to be involved in her death and is slowly forced to confess. ...read more.


During the play Sheila responds honestly to the Inspector when questioned. For example, when she is asked about Eva Smith being dismissed from Milwards she explains what happened and does not try to deny anything. She responds open mindedly asking 'So am I really responsible?' This shows that Sheila is honest and is not afraid of being blamed. Compared with the rest of the family Sheila never refuses to accept that she has done wrong. This is shown when asked whether it was the girls fault and Sheila replied truthfully 'No...It was my own fault'. Compared to Sheila, Mr. Birling responds in a totally different manner towards the Inspector. When questioned he denies any responsibility for the girls suicide. This is made clear when he says 'I can't accept any responsibility!' He also refuses to answer some of the Inspector's questions 'I don't see that it's any concern of yours how I choose to run my business. This shows that Mr. Birling is more worried about his position in society if accused than about Eva. Before even being questioned Mrs. Birling denies even knowing the girl building up a wall between her and the Inspector. Even when questioned she refuses to answer or does not answer fully. ...read more.


J.B Priestly tries to show readers how life was like for the lower and poorer class in a quest to change the way people act and treat the lower class in the was Sheila changes. Sheila is the character which is explored in this essay. Responsibility is developed through her character as her reactions and responses are compared to her family's. Although she is the youngest, she behaves in a mature manner answering the Inspector's questions whereas her family refuses. She understands what has happened and is prepared to admit her faults. She also appears keen and anxious to change her behavior in the future, 'Ill never, never do it again'. Change is developed from the beginning to the very end. In the beginning Sheila is carefree, innocent and na�ve. She has no worries or concerns. However towards the end she develops a social conscience and an understanding of the real world. She is emotionally stronger and has doubts about her parents. She has learnt a lot from her experience and even though the Inspector was a fraud she is still aware of her actions. This is Priestley's intended message to the audience as he wants them to relate with the character of Sheila and change their ways as she does and also develop a social conscience with the view of the poorer classes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nadir Ghoorbin 11H English Coursework 1 ...read more.

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