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An Inspector calls

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An Inspector calls In this essay I intend to find out who is most to blame for the death of Eva Smith alias Daisy Renton. There are five main characters and each one of them is to blame for Eva Smith's misfortunes. Firstly we have Mr A. Birling who sacked Eva because she asked for more pay and started a strike. Then there's Mrs Birling who turned her away from her organisation and refused her any help what so ever. Sheila the daughter of the Birling family became jealous of how pretty Eva was and how she had picked out that day looked much better on her. Her jealousy resulted in Eva losing her job. Gerald Croft is Sheila's fianc� but in actual fact he actually helped Eva in a way. He made her believe she was worth something, he made her feel happy for a while. Finally we have Eric, Sheila's brother who met Eva at a bar and became rather friendly towards her, found out he got her pregnant and he stole money to help her, but after she had found out she did not want to know him anymore. ...read more.


"She didn't blame me at all. I wish to God she had now. Perhaps I'd feel better about it". Looking at the way all the members of the Birling family contributed to Eva Smiths death, Gerald seems to be the only one who actually really gave Eva a chance and made her happy when she was alive. So considering this I think he is the least to blame for her situation. Gerald felt devastated after he found out that Eva committed suicide, he blamed himself. Unlike Mr Birling who showed no remorse what so ever, but Gerald does remind me of him as Mr Birling owns a business and Gerald is the son of the owner of Croft Ltd, which is the biggest business in the area. They have the same business sense and ideas on how to run a very successful corporation. Eva/Daisy eventually turned to the streets where she ended up begging for money and food. Mrs Birling who is a harsh and very cold woman comes from a more superior social position than her husband. Mrs Birling carries out charitable duties and is also involved in women organisations; this is how she came to meet Eva/Daisy. ...read more.


When he is investigating each person he has a way of knowing what you are thinking of and he has these piercing eyes that he fixes on you before he speaks. tells them he is here inspecting the suicide of a young woman and investigates; he has supposedly found her diary and a letter, which holds information. After this he has turned the situation of the death on each of the Birlings and has in some way made them confess to their parts in her suicide. When he leaves to make them ponder on what they have done to Eva, they have just realised that they have all implicated themselves. Gerald returns and believes that the was a fraud and they may have been tricked into giving all that information, when it is finally confirmed that there is no such called Inspector Goole they believe they are off hook. Until Mr Birling receives a call telling him a girl has just died in the infirmary by the name of Eva Smith. The only conclusion I can come to is that Inspector Goole was in fact a ghost, and that he came to warn them what was ahead for them and to show them the outcome of their actions. There was no shown by anyone of them, this could have been prevented. ...read more.

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