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An Inspector Calls.

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Tommy Thompson 10D GCSE Coursework- An Inspector Calls Everyone played a significant roll in this play and everyone acted irresponsibly especially Mrs Birling and Eric who basically finished her off. Eric raped her and got the girl pregnant and Mrs Birling was prejudiced against her and turned her down from the charity. The younger generation show regret that the older generation will not accept. Eva is made to sound like quite a nice shy girl. She can just about make a living on the wages from Birling and Co. As she can only just make it through life she had a reason to start a strike for higher wages. She might not have been able to buy new clothes or luxury items. She had no right to laugh at Sheila in Milwards (a rather famous and well thought of shop) if she actually was laughing at her but as there is no proof of that she got sacked as ordered by Sheila. This really put her in a depressed situation as it was like she had found a new home here and had now been kicked out because a good customer was in a bad mood. She changed her name to Daisy Renton and was then rescued from a womaniser (Joe Maggarty) ...read more.


She could then think of nothing else to do but end this miserable world called life and did so by drinking some bleech and burning her insides out. Mr Birling fired her from the job for a perfectly good reason but he could have raised the pay a little as the workers were only trying to get paid more so they could support or raise their family and he was being selfish trying to make as much money as he could. What interests me is that Eva is the only worker who gets fired in the script and all the other workers are basically forgiven so why didn't Eva also get forgiven? He believes that people have to make their own way through life and support family. He will not accept any responsibility as he is very stubborn and feels his way to run a business is the right way Sheila was very stuck up and nasty until she knew that the death of Eva was partly her fault as she could have been more sympathetic and ask why she was laughing as Eva sounds like a very nice person. Sheila had no right either for taking out her anger on Eva and should have waited until she had cooled down a bit before taking any action. ...read more.


Mrs Birling turned Eva down as soon as she had called herself Mrs Birling which prejudiced her against Eva and she didn't believe anything else she told her and as Mrs Birling's in charge she ordered all other staff there to ignore her as well. She is very shocked to hear that Eric was the father who was steeling money and thought that since Eric is her son he shouldn't be made an example of as she told the inspector to do to the father when he found out who it was. She shows great regret about killing her grandchild but didn't seem bothered at all that she had killed Eva. She thought it was perfectly reasonable to turn down Eva once she called herself Mrs Birling. I think that Eric and Mrs Birling who forced her to commit suicide. I cannot decide who was to blame the most out of these 2. Mrs Birling turned her down when she most needed it and Eric put her into the state where she needed help the most. I would blame Mrs Birling the most as she had the power to give her a better life and Eric was drunk when he raped her so he couldn't really it. WHO DO YOU THINK HELPED TO KILL EVA SMITH THE MOST AND WHY? ...read more.

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