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'An Inspector Calls'.

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An Inspector Calls is a play written by John Boynton Priestley that teaches us that we all share a joint responsibility , which is to look after each other. We learn this after we discover that each character in the play was responsible for the death of a girl name d Eva smith. The setting of 'An Inspector Calls' is made deliberate so that as the audience we realise how foolish Birling is. The play is purposely set in a fictional industrial city called Brumley, Priestley deliberately does this because 'industrial' cities had many firms and factories owned by wealthy businessmen. (I.e.(Birling Despite the fact that the city doesn't actually exist, Priestley provides detailed information about it to make it seem realistic. The importance of the town is indicated by it's having a Lord mayor and a Police Force with it's own Chief Constable. Having been involved in local politics and being a successful businessman, Birling clearly feels it's made him enough of a figure that would justify his being given a knighthood, this would make socially closer to Sir. George Croft. The importance of the people in the community was more pronounced during the time in which this play was set rather than it is today. ...read more.


admonishes her husband, Arthur for his comment about the quality of the meal, yet presents herself as an uncaring person who gives very little regard to other people's feelings and is not very involved with the things that concern her and the people around her. To fully emphasize the fact that Sybil is an uncaring character, on stage she would have to show this by proceeding with what she is doing in the drawing room, and not bother to go into the lounge to investigate as to why the Inspector is there. The very fact that Sybil is not aware that her own son is a drunk despite the fact that she lives with him, simply goes on to show that she's an anti-social person, she also takes very little part in the conversation at the table, during the engagement party. Unlike their children, (Sheila and Eric) Arthur and Sybil clearly feel no remorse whatsoever over the death of the girl, as they blatantly refuse to admit that they took part in the downfall of her short life. This behaviour absolutely disgusts Sheila, who is described as being affectionate at the end of the play, as she argues with her father over the fact that his employees should have been treated fairly, 'But these people aren't cheap labour, they are people!' ...read more.


I think dramatic irony is used in this play so that as the audience we can expand our thoughts and feelings towards the characters. Unlike in usual Detective/Police/Inspector stories or plays whereby the suspect or criminal narrows down to one person in, 'An Inspector Calls' it all comes down to a whole family, including Gerald. Priestley uses a variety of slick dramatic techniques to get his message across, and he deliberately uses the character of the Inspector to express his own personal views and feelings on how people should be treated. The character of the Inspector creates a feeling of massiveness and someone who is determined to get his own way, and give out his final message. His name 'Goole' pronounced as 'ghoul' gives us an impression of a mysterious and unusual character, for example a ghost. A word that can be used to best describe the Inspector is 'sombre' this is because he is very serious and in most cases imposing to how the characters respond to his questions. The overall and final message that Priestley gives to us through the Inspector is that we shouldn't use our wealth and social status as a way of avoiding our responsibilities to our fellow human beings. 'But just remember this. One Eva Smith has gone-but there are millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us, with their lives, their hopes and their fears.' Mjkhabo ...read more.

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