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An Inspector Calls.

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An Inspector Calls Recently we were given the play, "An Inspector Calls" to read written by J.B Priestly. The play was set in spring 1912 in the Birling's house in Brumley, an industrial city in the North Midlands. The main characters in this play are the Birlings, a middle class family: Arthur the father, Sybil the mother, Eric their son and Sheila the daughter. The other main characters are Gerald Croft, Sheila's fianc�e and Inspector Goole. The play revolves around the death of Eva Smith who was known to all the family. The play begins with the Birlings and Gerald Croft sitting round the dining-room table having a dinner party to celebrate Gerald and Sheila's engagement. Mr Birling is talking to Gerald about how happy he is that his daughter has found someone to marry and that the Crofts and Birlings should join their businesses together. He goes on saying that the world is making the great progress, the Titanic is about to set sail and its going to be the most luxurious and unsinkable liner ever made and that there is no chance of going to war. While the men are sat round the table listening to Mr Birling giving them a lecture, there is a knock on the door. At the door is Inspector Goole, he goes into the dining room and speaks to Mr Birling. He says: 'I'd like some information if you don't mind, Mr Birling. ...read more.


As soon as Inspector Goole mentions 'Daisy Renton', Gerald realises who they are talking about. He recognised the name Daisy Renton. The connection between Gerald and Daisy was that the previous summer when Gerald wasn't spending with Sheila, he was also seeing Daisy. He met Daisy one night after work when he went to a bar for a drink. A few nights later, he met up with her again. He found out she was penniless and was about to be thrown out her room. Gerald felt sorry for her and gave her a place to stay, he also gave her money. Eventually he broke it off with her and offered her some money to see her through for a while but she wouldn't take it because she said he had done enough for her already. Gerald won't own up to having anything to do with her death. He thinks because he hadn't had anything to do with this girl for six months, he is blameless. I think he could have had a little to do with Eva's death because she really liked him and when he finished the relationship with her, she couldn't bear it. Mrs Birling also knew Daisy (Eva). Mrs Birling was part of the Brumley Woman's Charity Organisation and Daisy went to them with her problems; she was pregnant. ...read more.


Mrs Birling could have given her some money to bring up the child and given her some support which she never did. The next most responsible I think is Eric because he was the one who got her pregnant and that added to the problems she already had and that finished her off. Then it would have both Sheila and her father Mr Birling, the only part they played was her loosing her jobs. Out of all of them I would have said Gerald Croft was least to blame and if anything he helped her. He gave her somewhere to stay and he gave her some money. Inspector Goole along with Daisy has made Sheila realise what she done was wrong. Sheila never did anything to harm Daisy and wishes she could turn back time and change what has already been done. Gerald never really took blame for what happened but never denied it happening and knew that he shouldn't have cheated on Sheila. As for Mr and Mrs Birling they still don't think they have done anything wrong and blame Eric for what's happened. Eric feels guilty for what's happened but he doesn't like his mother and father blame him for it all. This is an example of the attitude and class system that existed at the turn of the twentieth century; I would hope that these events would not happen now but they do. People think of themselves as better than others who are not as well off. ...read more.

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