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'An Inspector Calls'

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We have just read a play called 'The Inspector Calls'. It is about an upper class family in 1912 having a meal celebrating the engagement of their daughter to her fiance. They have just finished their meal when they get a knock at the door. It is an inspector who has come to inform them about the suicide of a woman called Eva Smith. The Inspector finds out that each one of them made her life more depressing, which drove her to kill herself. By the time the Inspector is about to leave, each person present is feeling a certain level of guilt for Eva's death.But after each member of the family invents an excuse as to why they could have had no involvement in this womans reason to kill herself. For example Mr Birling notices that the Inspector does not use the same picture of Eva to show to each person.This, therefore leads them to believe that ther could have been more than one photograph making them think they were different women. ...read more.


Goodnight.' He is suggesting that if you get away with something,say, a crime or wrong doing,you will not always get away with it a second time, and will suffer the consequences. A womans' position in society was not the same as it is today. Women were not seen as equal to men in the 1900's.They had hardly any rights , and were viewed as inferior to men. In the play, the man's point of view is taken far more seriously the women. For example, and one point Sheila breaks-down as she has an over whelming feeling of guilt for Eva's death. Mr.Birling, instead of reassuring her, tells her to... 'snap out of it', and 'pull yourself together', ...and shows no respect for her emotional state. Each character plays a part in driving Eva to her suicide. Mr.Birling sacked her when she worked in his factory, Sheila had her sacked in her current job, Eric got her pregnant, and Gerald had an affair with her. Each one of them at some point felt some kind of quilt , ranging from mild to total reponsibility for Eva's unfortunate death. ...read more.


He also gave reasons for what they had done and should not have done. The audience learns to respect him through his knowledge and understanding of the whole matter. He seems to know everything, before he is even told it, making himself out to seem wise and overpowering. The audience respect him not only out of seeing his skill at handling the family, but because of his omniscience. The stage directions describe he Inspector as: 'A big man that creates at once an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness. He is a man in his fifties, dressed in a plain darkish suit of the period. He speaks carefully ,weightily, and has a disconcerting habit of looking hard at the person he addresses before actually speaking'. Priestly could make 'An Inspector Calls' relevant to a modern audience by using the morals outlined. Everybody has morals to a certain extent - knowing what is 'right and wrong'. Even through the ages, the morals might have changed , meaning even if it was written five hundred years ago, people can still relate to the points that are being put across in this play. Jordan Murr 11.2 ...read more.

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