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'An Inspector Calls'

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'An Inspector Calls' In 'An Inspector Calls' J.B. Priestly captures and maintains the interest of the audience by using shock value and twists in the story. The Play starts at a normal dinner party, with the Birlings sat around a table and Gerald Croft is also there. They are celebrating Sheila's engagement to Gerald. So every thing is normal and just people talking around a table until Mrs. Birling and Sheila go to the drawing room and Mr. Birling gives a speech to Gerald and Eric. In his lecture he says, "...That a man has to mind his own business and look after Himself and his own..." I thought that Mr. Birling didn't know what he was on about now, especially when he said, "All these silly little war scares. There'll be peace and prosperity and rapid progress everywhere." From this you could tell that Mr. Birling didn't know much about how things where going on. In the middle of Mr. Birling's speech there is a knock at the door and Edna, one of their maids, comes in telling Mr. Birling that it's an inspector. So in the audience we would be thinking that something's going on, and then enters the inspector, Mr. ...read more.


The inspector replies, "Are you sure you don't know" And he looks at the rest of the family and says that some of them also might know something about the girl. This makes things more interesting for us, that the others could also be connected to this girl's death. This is quickly seen as true because we find that Sheila got Eva sacked from the only job she'd had for two months at Milwards, the clothes shop the Birlings use. Sheila was in a mood and forced them to sack the innocent Eva. Sheila admits that she did this and she regretted it. We are surprised and disappointed. It soon becomes clear that Gerald is also involved; he admits having an affair with Eva when he found her in the palace bar, only she called herself 'Daisy Renton'. He had an affair with her for six months and then told her to go. We are surprised he had this affair; we thought he was a good and respectful man. After telling us this Gerald goes for a walk to cool off. The Inspector now shows the photo to Ms. ...read more.


Good night." By this he means that if they were to continue to treat people like they are, it will have a great affect on their lives, and make them unhappy... or worse. This is the Inspectors final words then he leaves. The Birlings are all stunned, and then Gerald returns and says has just asked police officers about the Inspector and the police man told him he didn't know about there being a new Inspector on the force. So they ring the police and ask if there is and there isn't. This adds a new twist to the storyline. This keeps us interested in the story when we thought it was going to end. They all laugh off the night's events, saying it was all a hoax but Sheila and Eric don't see the funny side - the all still did those terrible things to people. Suddenly the phone rings, and it's the infirmary, saying a girl has just been brought in and an Inspector will be calling round to ask them some questions. This is a dramatic end. The audience is shocked and the twist of the 'Fake Inspector' makes it a good play to keep and maintain your interest. ...read more.

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