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an inspector calls

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Christian Davies "An Inspector Calls" Coursework What message is J.B Priestly trying to get across in "An Inspector Calls" and how does he do it? In this play Priestley is trying to get across the message that we are all responsible for each other and that we should not just care about our family and ourselves. The writer shows this when the Inspector says "we are all members of the body. We are responsible for each other." This is most effective because it is the last thing he says before he leaves. This also leaves the audience thinking about the message the writer is trying to get across. The writer also keeps the stage and the plot very simple this is so the audience can really focus on the dialogue One important device that Priestley uses to manipulate his audience is the use of time. The play is set in 1912, but it was written and performed more than thirty years later. ...read more.


Throughout the play the Inspector gives us little bits of information that leads up to us finding out that the whole family are involved in the series of events leading to this girl's death. "An Inspector Calls" tried to make a point about the way people behaved in society at the time. He wrote his characters to reflect what people were actually like and what they believed in. Mr and Mrs Birling are a typical couple of the age, looking down on the working class as unimportant. Mrs Birling even dismisses her by saying "Girls of that class". In the play Mr and Mrs Birling refuse to admit they have any responsibility for the death of Eva but they both know that they are involved in someway. Mr Birling is involved as Eva worked for him and she wanted a pay rise to 25 shillings a week, but Mr Birling would not do this, as it was bad for business. He also sacks her for making this request. ...read more.


Eric regrets getting Eva pregnant and not being able to support her. The audience can now see that although their mother and father's views had affected the children, these young people are able to change the way they look at things. The most important theme which Priestley is trying to get across in An Inspector Calls, is that we all share responsibility for other people's welfare, and that wealthy people have to look after those less fortunate than themselves. He also shows that in Victorian times, as there was no welfare fare state. Nowadays if your in a state were you cant work the government will give you benefit money but in those days there were only charities run buy those who where rich. It is likely that the audience watching this play would have been people like Mr and Mrs Birling. They too may have found it difficult to change their ways but at least by watching "An Inspector Calls" they could see what may happen when you only care about yourself and your own family's needs. ...read more.

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