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An Inspector Calls

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AN INSPECTOR CALLS An Inspector Calls is one of the most enduring plays on the 20th century made. It contains a strong message which meant to change the way the people of that time treated each other and others around them. He was trying to educate society that they needed to take responsibility this is when the higher class needs to look after the lower classes, i.e. the working class. This means that they don't treat them badly and that they have just as many rights as the upper class. I know this because of the way the play is acted out and set. Priestly sets the play in 1912 because the social structure of English society changed dramatically between the first and Second World War. This is significant because they had different views on the classes at different times. Priestly sets the play in 1912 because the class structure was still in operation. This would give the audience a look at what things used to be like. It is set in a 19th century house most of the play is in the drawing room and the dinning room. This makes it easier for the producers as they only need two sets this is also typical of a detective thriller. The story centres around a family called the Birlings. ...read more.


He also made Eva Smith pregnant. To help her on her feet Eric stole money from his father. You would not expect this from someone who is meant to be of a higher class than every one else the upper class seem to believe that they can get away with anything. Inspector Goole is a working class man who is very assertive and very intelligent. He makes the family admit to killing Eva Smith. He does this by trying to twist the families' words and making them slip up he also shows the family photos of a so called Eva smith. He shows the photos of her and singles them out one by one. This breaks them down slowly and makes them admit to being involved in killing her. There is much dramatic irony in the play, most of this is created by Birling as he talks about the wars being impossible when they eventually happened. "And I tell you, by that time you'll be living in a world that'll have forgotten all these capital versus labour allegations and all these silly little war scares." this is dramatic irony because Mr Birling is saying that it will never happen when eventually it does. This demonstrates some of the dramatic irony he makes in the play Mr Birling made a speech at Gerald and Sheila's engagement party and it made the others think of him as wise, strong minded and experienced in life. ...read more.


In the play Inspector Goole use's a photograph to identify the body of Eva Smith. The audience believes that there is one photo and that it is of Eva Smith. But towards the end of the play the family decide to believe that there is more than one photo because the inspector only showed one family member at a time the photo and the inspector decided when to show them it. So the family believe that the inspector showed them all different pictures "Gerald's dead right. He could have used a different photograph each time and we'd be none the wiser we may all have been recognising different girls." This makes the family believe they are innocent and that the inspector is a fake, which again makes the ending of the play all the more powerful. The way that the play ends is ironic because the family thinks they are in the clear except after they think they are in the clear they receive a phone call from the police saying that there has been a mysterious death and that an inspector is on his way round. This must be very shocking for the family and I found it quite comical. Priestly is sending out an important social message stating the eternal struggle of the rich and poor and the injustice in society. Priestly didn't single handedly change society, but he and others like him, contributed to its improvement. ?? ?? ?? ?? ENGLISH 1 of 3 ...read more.

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