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An Inspector Calls

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Nicholas Page NE2 'AN INSPECTOR CALLS' EXPLORE HOW PRIESTLEY MAKES THE CHARACTER OF SHEILA BIRLING DEVELOP THROUGH THE PLAY. IN YOUR ANSWER YOU SHOULD CONSIDER WHY THESE CHANGES ARE IMPORTANT. An Inspector Calls was written in 1945 and set before the Second World War in 1912. One of the most important characters, Sheila Birling, has her views expressed throughout the play, but these thoughts do not belong to her but to J.B Priestly himself. He talks through her and imparts his thoughts via her too. Sheila is a character which the play cannot do without. Every character gives a first impression, and Sheila is one of them. "Sheila is a pretty girl in her early twenties, very pleased with life and rather excited" My first impressions when I heard Sheila's quote was that she's an immature, na�ve girl, and she's happy and enjoying life. She has a lot of attention around her at the beginning and we can really see the change that Sheila makes, leaving her girl-like state behind and moving on to be a young independent woman, whom her parents find very difficult to challenge. ...read more.


Her relationship with her father appears to be very good at the beginning of the play, but when the "Inspector calls" things take a turn for the worse and her relationships deteriorate with everyone in the family apart from Eric. Her tone of language is somewhat insecure "Mummy - Isn't it beautiful?" shows that her relationship with her mother is also quite strong to start with, however, understanding between Sheila and her mother worsens. "You mustn't try to build up a kind of wall between us" this implies that her mother is trying to keep her out of the picture and is still trying to treat her like a child. She also contradicts her father by saying "But that won't bring Eva Smith back to life" showing that she still feels shame and guilt but at the same time remains angry with her father who is convinced that they have done nothing wrong. The description of the Birling house appears contradictory as it is, "heavily comfortable, but not cosy" this indicates that the house is lavishly furnished but the atmosphere lacks any warmth and does not feel like a real home. ...read more.


She shows initiative which indicates that she has really thought about how Eva used to live and how bad it was to purposely get her sacked just because she could. The only poor outcome of Sheila "growing up" is that her relationship with her parents has really gone downhill. She has become independent and she is now used to expressing her emotions and opinions in an adult fashion. It is because she has been taking all the blame for Eva's Death her parents are annoyed at her, for not working in conjunction with them. Whenever Sheila or Mr Birling says something they can never agree and always cancel each other out. The old Sheila who got Eva sacked from her job for an invalid reason is gone, the new independent Sheila has now got the confidence to start living her life responsibly. This play really captivates the audience and it really does get you thinking. It was enjoyable for me and I found it hard to put down. The thing I liked most was the personality of the characters and how it was just full of Priestley's morals and opinions. ...read more.

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