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An Inspector Calls

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Analyse the Dramatic Events, which take place during Act 3 of 'An Inspector Calls'. 'An Inspector Calls' by JB Priestley, was written just after World War 2 in 1945, when Priestley was campaigning for a Labour government so that they could promote the rights of the working classes, but he set it in 1912 two years before World War 1. He did this deliberately so that his audience could see the events of the play, in perspective, and so that it would not look like political advertising. Priestley may have chosen this year because of the Titanic (The Unsinkable) which sank in its first voyage this shows how wrong Mr Birling can be. The play opens with the engagement party of Gerald Croft and Sheila Birling. Sheila is the daughter of a rich businessman, Arthur Birling. Mr Birling gives a speech in which he acts as if he knows everything. He says there will be no war and he also says that the Titanic is unsinkable. He is wrong because two wars have gone past and the unsinkable Titanic sinks. He also says that people should only look after themselves and not bother about anyone else. Mr Birling was so greedy that he fired a young girl Eva Smith just because she wanted a bit of a pay rise. ...read more.


Funnily enough at the start of Act 2, everyone was waiting to hear what was going on with Gerald and Eva the same way as Act 3 when everyone was waiting to hear what was going on with Eric and Eva. The inspector is trying to say that you only know one Eva Smith but remember this there are many more Eva Smiths and John Smiths in this world "their lives, hopes, fears, sufferings and happiness join with our lives. We do not just live alone we are member of one group we are all responsible for each other". The inspector gives a last speech "One Eva Smith has gone but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us". Unlike what Mr Birling thinks, "Just look after yourself and no harm will come to you, unlike some other people who think we should look after someone else as if we were mixed up together like bees in a hive and part of a massive group or something". Fire, Blood and anguish are all the staff Eva Smith had to deal with when she was alive and that's what everyone else will have to deal with if they don't start caring a bit.. ...read more.


They all committed offences some of the seven deadly sins: Sheila JEALOUSY, Mr Birling GREED, Mrs Birling PRIDE, Gerald LUST, DISONESTY, and Eric COUETOUSNESS, SLOTH. These are all the things that the Birlings and Gerald have done to a young girl or many different young girls it does not matter because they all have done staff that they should not be proud of. The Older generation were thinking that they got away with everything but suddenly when phone rang everyone went quiet and they all found out that a girl has just died on the her way to the infirmary after swallowing some disinfectant and a police inspector's on his way to ask some questions. Priestley is trying to say everyone is responsible for each other if you do not learn the message then you must suffer the consequence of your actions. I think we should not be like Mr Birling and we should be more like Mr Priestley and help the people who need our support we should not be selfish after all we are all responsible for each other we are members of one massive group. ?? ?? ?? ?? Zakwan Ahmed 10A 2065 Ms Gardner 1 ...read more.

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