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An inspector calls

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JB preistley uses very accuratley detailed stage directions in the opening of the play, to set the scene, for instance he describes the furniture as being "good and solid", he is also very exact about the position of the furniture, for example he suggests that the dining room table should be moved upwards after act one, to make the audience curious to know what happened after the curtain was lowered at the end of act one. He also says that the general effect should be "substantial and comfortable and old fashioned, but not cozy and homelike". this shows that the Birlings are rich enough to afford comfortable furniture but the are only superficially happy and united. ...read more.


This is in contrast with the inspector speech towards the end of the play "we are members of one body, we are responsible for each other". This gives the audience a hint that the inspector already knew what had been said before his arrival. When the news of Evas death is announced the lighting which is said to be "rosy and intimate" in the beginning of the play goes "harsh and bright", this change in lighting is used to show the audience thatn the families lies can no longer stay hidden beneath the "warm tinted glow" and the truth must be revealed. The lighting also reflects the mood of the play, therfore creating a dramatic effect. ...read more.


It is also used to help put more blame on the Birling family, by leaving them no time to explain a reason for their association with Eva Smith. Also the term "well?" creates tension and anticipation as it gives the audience a clue that the inspector is just after a confession and he already knows what has just been said. J.B Preistley uses a great range of effective dramatic devices on act one of an inspector calls including,stage setting, timing, lighting, sound effects, and dramatic irony, therefore creating tension in their minds of the audience. Throughout this coursework coursework assignment i have dicussed the dramatic devices used by J.B Preistley in act one of an inspector calls and have said how effective i think the dramatic devices are. ...read more.

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