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an inspector calls

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How and why does J.B Priestley manipulate his audience in 'An Inspector Calls'? J.B Priestley manipulates his audiences in 'An Inspector Calls' by showing two ways of life in a community. Thus the rich way of life and the drab and sordid life that the poor are forced to live as the result of the actions of the rich people. He presents a powerful expression of social message of the rich way of life of the 'Birling family' in contrast to the poor way of life of the girl 'Eva Smith'. The play was set in 1912, (two years before the start of the First World War) and presented to a later audience after the Second World War in 1945. J.B Priestley however thought that social awareness of the world for caring for one another was not practiced enough. Priestley therefore feared that if the world did not change, the cycle of events of hate, intimidation and social injustice will continue to repeat just as before as such theories have been vividly described in both Ouspensky and Dunne's theories based on the nature of time. Socialism is a political and economic theory advocating that land, transport, natural resources and the chief industries should be owned and managed by the state. ...read more.


I believe such cliff-hangers put the characters in a defensive and confused mood and they left wanting to know what is to happen next. Who thought the inspector knew a lot therefore they have to co-operate by telling the truth and this makes the jig-saw puzzle of the mysteries easily soluble. That is the scenes with each Act are easily identifiable as the initial atmosphere is established, as the focus moves from one character to the next and as the family seeks to explain the evenings events. At the end of the play, the audience are shocked and surprised that inspector Goole, who has acted professionally, so it seems, has turned out to be a fraud and a fake. Afterwards, the audience, I presume, becomes more confused and bewildered. The plan was a type of 'who's done it' (by Agatha Christie) which progressively builds up and heightens the supernatural nature of the mystery surrounding the inspector. However, the inspector has successfully made Sheila and Eric confessed their guilt and irresponsible behaviour towards Eva Smith yet the inspector leaves the audience guessing who actually is responsible for the death of Eva Smith, and the audience having learnt that the inspector is a fake, makes them more surprised at his professional manner and style of his interrogation and enquiries. ...read more.


Thus, the play does not affect them in the same way. However, I feel that the play is still worth performing because modern audience are still committing the old mistakes that the original audience committed. Morden society is still irresponsible and class system is also operative. Again the elite and affluent exercise power over the less advantaged and the poor, and they are business conscious more than being charitable. In this play, Priestley writes about social message, love and responsibility. Socially, the writer makes me feel and accept that people share a common humanity and that we are all interdependent. Again Priestley's writing about love through charity which is faked by Mrs Birling encourages me as an audience to express true love. I believe this play has encouraged me to look back to the mistake of our fore-fathers in all circumstances and live as a member of a community contributing and helping to build a society devoid of wickedness, irresponsibility and selfishness. In conclusion, I must admit I have been overwhelmed by Priestley's use of time as an element of his plays ( The dessert Highway-1944 and The Linder Tree-1945), to demonstrate how in general; the behaviour of each member of a community can affect others. ?? ?? ?? ?? Agnes Ofosu-Asiedu 10sm Ms Long 1 ...read more.

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