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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls An Inspector calls is a play written by J.B Priestley. It is set in the year 1912 at time where revolution in to our current era had begun. Priestly uses many great theatrical devices to convey his ideas to the audience. John Boynton Priestley was born on the 13th September 1894 and was brought up in the town of Bradford. He came from a middle class family, his grandparents worked in mills, and he often spent time with them working there. He learnt about the poverty and the adversity middle class families encountered. It is my belief that J.B Priestley wanted to teach us how cruel upper class society is to the working class. He does this by showing how one upper class family individually drove a young working class girl to suicide. The play is predominantly centred around the inspector's thorough interrogation of the Birling family, on a mementoes occasion. The Birlings are celebrating the engagement of their daughter Sheila Birling to Gerald Croft. The inspector himself is used as a device to help us to understand the characters personalities, values and characteristics. As well as being a device to describe the characters, he also is used to spread a message. ...read more.


As the lighting shows the tension being created, the audience becomes more interested and suspense about what happens next is created. The doorbell is used on several occasions to interrupt the flow of the play and is used for the emphasis to be moved onto something else. The first example of this in the play is when the inspector arrives, Mr.Birling is lecturing Eric about the liberties Eric receives and how when he was a young chap, it was unheard off. Priestly then wants to end this conversation and the best way is, through the doorbell ring, suddenly the emphasis goes off Mr.Birling and goes onto the inspector. This is because the sudden interruption of the doorbell is very sharp, and it moves the attention off Mr.Birling. The inspector enters significantly, and almost immediately takes the role of the main character in the play. The characters that are currently on stage are perplexed by the entrance of the inspector, This is because they are bewildered about reasons concerning his arrival. This tells us that the inspector is a very dominant character and commands a lot of intrigue. Mr Birling's immediate reaction to the inspector is that he is here regarding a warrant. ...read more.


The first part of this quote is Eric stating he remembers something about women, but the stage directions show that he doesn't want it to come out, and he wants to keep it so himself. At the end of reading through the play, I would have hoped to have learnt from the example of The Birlings. Priestley teaches that you can only run from your actions for so long, before your conscience catches up with you. I believe upon writing this play, Priestley wanted to make us think, to make us question our personalities, and beliefs. He wanted to show us that everyone can change, and that if we don't learn the lesson at first, eventually we will. Priestley hoped that the audience would learn from the Birlings mistakes and wouldn't commit them again in the future. He realised that the world was changing along with the society we live in, but people's views weren't changing. I also believe he wanted us to not judge others by the class they are in. For instance, not to judge a beggar and believing that by his own wrong doing, he got himself into that situation but instead to help him. Priestley achieved his final goal by using different dramatic techniques to involve and interest the audience. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tejpal Vig ...read more.

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