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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls, Coursework I liked and enjoyed the play "An Inspector Calls" because I thought it was interesting and I liked the surprising twist at the end. This play is a play about a spoilt wealthy family just trying to improve their social standards. An inspector comes and interrogates the Birling's and Gerald Croft about a girl, Eva Smith, who committed suicide by drinking a bottle of disinfectant. The inspector slowly gets these people into admitting that they all played a major part in the "hours of agony" P17 that turned Eva Smith "inside out". After the Birling's have been shook up and the truth has all come out. Gerald finds out that the inspector, inspector Goole isn't an inspector at all and that a police inspector's coming round to ask them a few questions about a "girl who just died - on her way to the Infirmary after swallowing some disinfectant". Whilst reading and watching this play I realised that Sheila was the antithesis of Eva Smith, Eva has worked hard all her life to make her life worth living and Sheila was just handed life on a plate. ...read more.


Because of this fact my attention was diverted away from what he was doing which was very wrong and just as wrong as what Gerald did to Eva. This also didn't make me think that Eric was adding to the tragedies of her slowly deteriorating life, but that he's just a young boy driven to alcoholism. The film though didn't stick to the 3 rules but I thought that the film was very good and gave me a different perspective. Although the film didn't stick to all the 3 rules, it still kept the chronological order the same. If the film didn't keep to the same chronological order then the film would loose its tension and the drama with Mrs Birling wouldn't have taken place, as she would have already known about Eric. Towards the end of Act 2 a great deal of irony is shown. Mrs Birling is being interrogated about her "responsibilities" and the charity work she is doing. She uses her power to persuade the other people on the committee saying because she has a high social class and women will be afraid to go against her. ...read more.


These two younger people are the people of the future, because of this learning flaw they have come to they will change for the good and teach their children to do things for the better and always think of the consequences. They will never make the same mistake because of Eva Smith's death and the guilt on their conscious. These two would be nearer a harsher light because of the reason I just stated that they've change for the good and have realised the harsher side of life, they can't just cover up what's wrong. I would still have the inspector "closing his note book" at the end as if to say, "my work here is done." This gives me the thought that after he goes he's going on to another persons home just like the Birling's to teach the kids of the future the same lesson and to make them realise that not everything in life is bought to them on a plate. My ending would finish with Mrs Birling turning away from Mr Birling as he hears the news about the girl in the infirmary because this would show that even she is ashamed of him. ...read more.

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