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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls Who, in your opinion, is most responsible for the death of Eva smith? Use evidence from the text to justify your opinion. What reaction does Priestley intend the audience to have to the content of the play? How does he set about achieving them? Do you think he was successful? In class we have been reading J.B Prietley's "An Inspector Calls" Where a girl named Eva smith died by drinking a bottle of strong disinfectant which burnt her from the inside, it happens that a family had been celebrating an engagement on the same night and into the cosy and excited scene intrudes the harsh and mysterious figure of police inspector Goole questioning everybody in the room linked to the death. In my essay I will briefly explain how each of them caused her death and how under interrogation, every member reveal their shameful secrets. Arthur Birling, a rich factory owner in Bromley who was the first to be questioned by the inspector. He was someone who I noticed was quite opinionated and always had fixed ideas 'don't worry, we have passed the worst of' and when he was speaking to the inspector he thought he had more authority than him so he should not be given that type of treatment 'I was a alderman for years - and lord mayor two years ago - and I'm still on the bench' Eva Smith worked for Mr. ...read more.


Mrs. Birling, the rich wife of Mr. Birling, she is just like him - posh arrogant and opinionative, she also thinks that she is higher in authority. Mrs. Birling worked as a prominent member of the Brumley women's charity organization - an organization that helps women in distress with various reasons. Eva Smith appealed to her organization after she found out she was pregnant but when she got there, she gave the name Mrs. Birling, Angrily; Mrs. Birling used her influence to get her restricted. 'I didn't like her manner; she'd impertinently made use of our name.' Moments after they restricted her, they told her to find the man responsible, later Mrs. Birling told the inspector this, the ironic twist of the scene entered, Mrs Birling spent a lot of time telling the inspector to find the man responsible and lock him up, make him publicly. 'And if you take some steps to find this young man and then make sure he is compelled to confess in public his responsibility.' Mrs. Birling had said to lock up the young man responsible until Eric entered the house. Once young Eric entered the inspector immediately went to him and right away questioned him. Eric met Eva in a bar and took her home at that point Eric was drunk 'I was in the state when a chap easily turns nasty and threatened to make a row.' ...read more.


Birling then fired all the workers involved in the strike, I think Mr. Birling should certainly feel guilty, but he is not to take full blame because he did what any other factory owner would do. Sheila was the next to be questioned, Eva smith who worked at Milwards after getting fired from the factory was enjoying her time there, until Sheila and her mother came in, Sheila got Eva sacked because Eva was better looking than her which is very inappropriate, she threatened Milwards if they did not have her sacked which was also childish and this made a big impact on her. Gerald who treated her the best had no real fault in her death; he is only guilty for taking advantage of her and although knowing there will be no future between them thus leaving her depressed and heart broken. Later on, she went to Mrs. Birling charity community; this was in my own thought was the most tragic, ironic and major factor towards Eva's Death. Mrs. Birling denied Eva's appeal for money, which Eva was going to use to support the baby, and in doing this Mrs. Birling led to the death of Eric's possible wife, Eric's Child her own grandchild and of course Eva Smith which was thing done and is very tragic but of course five people led had something to do in the painful death of on girl - Eva Smith. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nkencho Okonta 10G - 1 - ...read more.

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