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an inspector calls

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An Inspector Calls Coursework In this essay I am going to consider and discuss Priestley's concerns, his dramatic devices and how they make us feel and how he keeps the audience interested. Priestley is concerned about the welfare of everyone and tries to put this across by showing how Eva Smith was a nice girl but she was not treated how she should have been as she was of a lower class to the Birlings and therefore considered a worse person. Priestley was concerned about this as he felt everyone should be treated equally no matter what class they were. The time in which the play was set, 1912, is important, as this was a time when class was very important to society. I think the play was more about moral matters than the Birling family dinner. I think it was trying to show that we should respect men and woman regardless of class and wealth and I think it was about social justice, in a way everyone could understand and relate to. The play was set in 1912, before the two world wars when there was no welfare state to help people like Eva Smith as she would have been of a lower class and less wealthy than people such as the Birlings. ...read more.


The order of events is really good and keeps the audience interested as it starts off as just a basic outline of all the events so we know just the basics of what happened and then during the course of the night more events and stories are entwined into Eva Smiths life. As we find out more and more about this girl's life and how each person played a part in it our views on the characters are changed quite dramatically as we find out they aren't really what we thought they were. This puts across some of Priestley's concerns as our initial judgements and perceptions are quite wrong as we begin to find out what these people are really like. I think this shows that we should not judge a person, such as Eva Smith, before we know them. Priestley holds back quite a lot of information in this play and that keeps us interested, as we're not really too sure what's going on ourselves. Priestley leaves us with a great sense of mystery and we're forced to try and decide what could happen next. ...read more.


Just by Mr Birlings loud confident voice you can tell he is going to be very pompous, such as Eric's difference in tone shows he could be quite an indecisive person and quite secretive. The way the inspector speaks is also good for building up his character as he always speaks very calmly yet forcefully. In conclusion I think that Priestley's concerns do still matter today. Although the social situation has changed slightly and we no longer like to think we use class and wealth to separate people I think we still do. Times have changed slightly and we use different language such as we may refer to really rich people as 'snobs' or homeless people as 'tramps'. This is slightly different to how it used to be but it is still separating people into class. Money is still widely talked about amongst most people and although we may not boast about it or talk of how little we have, people still make assumptions about how they think your financial state is. It is important these days to have designer clothes and flash cars but we all need to look past this and see the person under all the latest gear or the scruffy clothes because we could all end up in a situation like the Birling's if we don't. ...read more.

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