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An Inspector Calls

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Inspector calls Introduction An "inspector calls" was written in 1945 (post World War Two), but it was actually set in 1912 (pre World War One). An inspector calls was written by J.B Priestley (John Boynton Priestley). The play is set on a spring evening in the Birling house. The play is about the Birling family (Mr and Mrs Birling and there two children Shelia and Eric) including Gerald croft, Eva Smith/Daisy Renton and the inspector (Inspector Goole). The events of the play start to unfold after the shock announcement by the inspector that a young woman (Eva/Daisy) is dead, the family start to feel that they are some way responsible. Because of this it cause some of the characters to change there attitudes such as Shelia and Eric. Prior to the arrival of the inspector the attitudes of the Birling family is similar throughout, they are all thinking about the engagement and up and coming wedding. Shelia Birling and her fianc´┐Ż Gerald Croft are looking to be come newly weds and embarking on a great new life together. Mr Birling is delighted at the prospect that his daughter is going to marry someone of great promise and a wealthy future for his daughter. Mrs Birling is like a typical mother her attitude and effort is all going into organising and arranging the wedding, and young Eric Birling's attitude is simply that of a typical young man, who cannot wait for a party. ...read more.


Eric reaction to the revelation that he had got Eva pregnant was that he did truly like her and want to help her and that he was very upset at the way she was treated especially at his mothers treatment of her but more then anything just like his sister Shelia Eric feels guilty about what happened to Eva. And finally Mrs Birlings reaction to the revelation she refused to help Eva when she really needed it was very much of well the girl shouldn't have got her self in that mess in the first place but she soon changed her views when she found out that it was her own grandchild she had condemned to death by not helping Eva smith when she really needed it. Although Eric was the only person who actually committed a crime by stealing money of his father to give to Eva smith, they all should feel guilty because is there better then everyone else, upper class attitudes that results in Eva's death even though none of them psychically poured the bleach down her throat. I think that Mrs Birling should fell especially guilty as it was her final actions which resulted in Eva death and also that if she had listened then she might still have a grandchild. The inspectors final message is "that we are responsible for each other" which is the message of the play and by it he means we are all responsible for our own ...read more.


All a well off women like Shelia could do was get married and a poor woman like Eva smith was seen as cheap labour. I also think the way that Priestley writes the inspector is very effective as at the end of the play no one knows where the inspector was real or not. Is the inspector the voice of J.B Priestley? Or maybe the voice of our consciences? I think the way that no one even knows if Eva smith/daisy Renton is the same person or even real is also very effective as if you think about Eva's name. Eva is similar to Eve the first woman in the Bible and Smith is the most common English surname So, Eva Smith could represent any woman of the lower or in fact any class. But regardless if either of them was real or not they still had the desired effect of trying to get people to change there attitudes and there views on the lower class which was achieved with Shelia and Eric Birling but unfortunately not with Mr and Mrs Birling. I still think its an effective way of writing and was perfect for this play, and creating the cliff hanger at the end when everyone is quite confident that the inspector isn't real and is making it up, then they get the phone call form the local police inspector saying a young girl is dead and that they are going to be interviewed makes you think Was the inspector there moral side/ conscience? ...read more.

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