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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls Introduction "An Inspector Calls" is a play written by J.B Priestley in 1946. It is set in 1912. It is about a Family celebrating an engagement party. The Inspector makes an unexpectedly arrival to the house. He starts to investigate about an alleged suicide. The main theme (or one of the main theme) about this play is 'Social Responsibility' which means to care for others in the community. I will discuss the main points about each character in the play. My first character I will discuss about is Mr Birling. Mr Birling Mr Birling was a rich self-made man he was rich because of his company called 'Birling & Co'. He was snobbish about the business because he would give more money to his family than to his employees. He thinks the 'Cranks' by which he means the socialists tells you to look after others in the community. He is a Capitalist which, is every man for himself. "Capital versus Labour agitation's and all those silly war scares" When the Inspector questions Mr Birling, he was calm and patient. As soon as the Inspector told the family about the alleged suicide of Eva Smith, the family was shocked. Mr Birling answers the Inspector's questions, he shows no emotion, but when the Inspector tells Mr Birling how he was involved with Eva Smith he slightly changes his attitude. ...read more.


Gerald, like Mr Birling was a bit snobbish, he was also rich because his family "Croft's LTD" & was in rivalry with "Birling & Co". For Mr Birling this was a start of a new future together. Gerald seemed to know little about Eva Smith, when Gerald to see the photograph of Eva & the Inspector reply was: - "All in good time" The Inspector said this because he was building tension on the others as well as Gerald. The Inspector told the family a little bit about Eva and when she had changed her name to Daisy Renton, Gerald gave a dead give away by saying this: - "What!" Gerald sounded a bit startled when he said this because he knew Daisy Renton. The Inspector starts to questions Gerald. He didn't want Sheila to hear about the story & tries to excuse her out of their conversation. "...So why on Earth don't you leave us to it" Gerald is scared that Sheila will learn the truth about him and Daisy. Mr Croft tries to make them (the family) feel sorry explaining how wonderful she looked. "She was pretty" Gerald Croft was a good man helping Eva Smith temporally for 2 months. Mrs Birling Mrs Birling like her husband, she believed in her rights. ...read more.


The Inspector uses a various techniques to get information or answers. He starts off by say a young girl had died at the infirmary after drinking disinfectant. The Inspectors starts to interview Mr Birling. The Inspector was firm at the beginning of the play. There is a hint at the start of the play where he shows he is not a real Inspector. "Yes, sir. Only recently transferred" When the Inspector starts to question Sheila, he is kind at first, but when Sheila starts feeling guilty, the Inspector puts his word harshly to Sheila. "Yes, but you can't. It's too late. She's dead" The goes on to Gerald who was quite kind to Eva. As the Inspector asks Mrs Birling he has a bit of an attitude with her. Mrs Birling stays firm as the Inspector asks questions. As the Inspector was running out of time in the play he tries to rush Mrs Birling. Inspector Goole goes on and asked questions to Eric. At the end of the play the Inspector gave a speech to everyone in the room about caring for the community. Conclusion J.B Priestley was conveying a message about 'Social Responsibility'. J.B put the Inspector as a Socialist and Mr & Mrs Birling as the Capitalists. Sheila and Eric was in between because they had realized what they had done wrong. This play was basically to tell the audience that we should be caring for others and help them if they are in trouble. By Abel Patel ...read more.

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