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an inspector calls

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How in your opinion would a 1945 audience respond to a performance of the play "An Inspector Calls" In this essay I am going to explain about how a 1945 audience would have reacted to a play called the "an inspector calls" set in 1912. My initial point of view to why JB Priestly set his play in 1912 was due to everything that had occurred in the time span from 1912 and 1945 which included both world wars the sinking of the "unsinkable titanic" and the British strikes. The reason for why I find it so important for the play to be set in such a time is because a 1912 audience may think the play is normal and wouldn't understand the whole meaning of what JB Priestly is trying to put forward, although as the play is set after all these disasters, nearly every one in the 1945 audience could relate their personal life to the play due to the majority of people in 1945 having lost somebody close to them due to the World Wars also the audience would be able to differentiate the factors of society and how unfair it was due to social barriers being created. My interpretation for why JB Priestly wrote the play was for him to put forward his ideas on how unfair society was. He wanted more equality for the lower classes so that everyone should not look after him or herself but help each other, resulting in everyone having a decent standard of living. The reaction of a 1945 audience may consist of confusion at first and then unexpectedness of the fact that the normal stereotype of a play called "An inspector calls" would consist of a murder and then an enquiry and investigation although this incorporates a story of a successful family who are celebrating an engagement. Then incomes a very mysterious detective who makes it very obvious that he wants to be anonymous especially when he announces his name as Mr Goole. ...read more.


The way the characters are manipulated is very clever as they are digging the grave for each other like Mrs Birling is telling the inspector that "I blame the young man who was the father of the child she was going to have he should be made an example of. If the girl's death is due to anybody than it should be due to him." But she didn't know it was her own son who was this man, this very cleverly done by the inspector made the mother drop her own son in it and tolled the inspector what should be done about him. The inspector makes the characters admit and confess that they've played a part in the death of Eva Smith. When Gerald finds that the inspector is an imposter and a fake every think just turns around Mr and Mrs Birling and Gerald act like nothing has happened this would create great emotion and empathy towards Eric and Sheila but great anger towards the rest as a person has died all they can think about I the "public scandal". It may not have seemed to be true that she died but it was proven that they all played a part which could break someone down so badly but this to these upper class people meant nothing. Now the audience would be able to sympathise with Eric and Sheila as they know that they have a learnt a lesson but it was a total waste of time for the rest of them. They think of them selves so happy that Mr Birling thinks everything can "go back to normal" that Sheila will marry Gerald although ten minutes ago they were groveling, Mr Birling was saying " I would give thousands yes, thousand's ." They all turn to Eric blaming him for it all when they all played a part but Mr birling is quick to clear his and his wife's name from the scandal "there's every excuse for what you're mother and I did-it all turned out unfortunately that's all". ...read more.


but the whole thing's different now" although a few minutes later once they get a phone call "they stare guilty and dumbfounded, the curtain falls." Here the audience may feel glad in the fact that the Birling's have finally got what was coming to them. My final conclusion to the play is that JB Priestly simply wanted to tell the audience how far they have come from 1912 and to show the social barriers separating obnoxious upper class and midle class citizens from the lower class people. He tries to add his own views into the inspector showing that he doesn't like the inspector or what he stands for Mr birling philosophy of life is like the opposite of the inspector because the inspector wants equality for everyone and wants everybody to look after every body else and that you shouldn't be looking after you're self and his own because this would have been true for most upper and middle class business men but in 1945 it was different because every one was in the same boat "we are all members of one body". Also I think JB priestly is trying to make the audience empathies with the main character Eva Smith as she represents the lower class citizens "One Eva smith has gone- but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths John Smiths still left with us" here it is proven that the inspector is trying to teach them a lesson and the fact that the one Eva smith who had died represents the "millions and millions and millions" of lower class deprived citizens still left out their which need the help of every body else. My final point of view is that he achieves his motive where he entices the audience grabs their attention and teaches them a lesson by talking through the inspector to the audience and especially the upper and middle class citizens. Produced by Ikhlas Javaid ?? ?? ?? ?? Ikhlas Javaid 10:11 10sal I ...read more.

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