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An Inspector Calls

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AN INSPECTOR CALLS In Act one of An Inspector Calls how does J.B Priestley use dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the members of the audience, as well as interest and involve them in his play? J.B. Priestley was born in 1894, and fought in the World War I as a very young person. There he was introduced to the reality of the English class system, which are one of the main themes in this play. In this war he saw the suffering and misery. Priestley found that the people that created this class system are incredibly stupid and complacent. In this play Priestley tries to show his experiences and convey the audience that Socialism is the right way for the future and not Capitalism. ...read more.


Priestley also tries to show the difference between the upper and lower class at that time. He uses Mr Birling as a representative of the upper class and Eva Smith as one of the lower class. Another character that Priestley uses to convey his political concerns is Inspector Goole. He wants to teach the Birlings family to take responsibility for each other and exactly the opposite of Mr Birling's beliefs. The play was first performed in 1945 but set in 1912 because the time represented an era when there was everything different to the time of the performing. The play uses a lot of dramatic devices to convey the concerns of Priestley to the audience. ...read more.


There Mr Birling tells his philosophy of life from his view. He says that a man has to look for him and should not worry about anything else. Exactly after Mr Birling finishes with his philosophy, Inspector Goole enters the play. Priestley uses the doorbell when he enters to show the audience that there will be a sudden change in the play from there on. In conclusion Priestley has used a lot of dramatic devices to convey his political concerns to the audience. I think this play would be even relevant to today's society because even today people sometimes react like Mr Birling does. This play would tell the people today that still people have to work together and care for each other. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kamran Adnan (11 S2) An Inspector Calls Coursework ...read more.

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