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An Inspector Calls.

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An Inspector Calls Essay An Inspector Calls was written by J.B Priestly in 1945, however the play was set in 1912. One of the major effects on the storyline was the sense of uncertainty as the play was set just after the World Wars. J.B Priestly also mentions important issues about society, being capitalism vs. socialism. Capitalism is where we are responsible for ourselves and anyone can make something for himself or herself, whereas Socialism is where we are all responsible for each other and that we need to be more of a community, caring and loving. I believe the play is a mystery, detective one but soon turns into a whodunit story when the Inspector starts questioning all the members of the family. At the beginning of the play the Birling family are celebrating the marriage of Sheila and Gerald Birling. The mood seems to be loving, friendly and happy. Arthur Birling hopes that the marriage will help his business. Birling's social aspirations become apparent when he tells Gerald that he might be line for a job. Inspector Goole arrives immediately after this and announces that he is investigating the suicide of a girl name Eva Smith who killed herself by swallowing disinfectant. ...read more.


Mrs Birling seems to be very over critical of everything and is very stern with her approach. She makes sure that the Inspector gets what she means, for example, when she corrects him on something she said about the photograph. She does, however, remains entirely untouched by the Inspectors questioning and also cannot see how her Eva Smiths death could have been down to her action, a very cold woman. She is very snob like and doesn't care about anybody else, just herself. Mrs Birling is set up in the most cunning of ways; she talks about her being on a committee that helps young ladies. She then later says about her being pregnant. Mrs Birling replies that it was the father's fault and he should take all responsibility for it. Of course, she does not know that is in fact her own son that got Daisy Renton pregnant, and therefore she is just digging herself into a bigger hole. Gerald Croft has an easy manner and is disrupted by the Inspector. He is distressed by his realisation of his part in Eva Smiths life and death and would leave, later to return, apparently contrite. ...read more.


I believe that Sheila learnt the most from the play, because she was the only one who actually took what the Inspector said in with her. She knew she couldn't be the same person on what she done to Eva Smith. I think that the older generations don't think they have done anything wrong in the death of Eva Smith and generally their character does not change from start to finish in the play. I believe it was successful to set up all the characters and then to provide a twist, because it was apart of the main story. Although not a great lover of this book, I believe J.B Priestly has put a very simply storyline across to the audience in a very effective way. It is a very true book, which cleverly puts the point about if you don't learn your lesson the first time, you will be taught it until you learnt it. He also puts across that you can not run away from the problems you have created, but stand up to them face on, like the Birling's found out. I think Priestly managed to end the story in the best possible way, an open dramatic effect where the audience could themselves decide the ending. However, I don't think there could have been another ending. Mark Dubell - 11H ...read more.

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