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An inspector calls.

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I have read a play called an inspector calls by J.B priestly. The story is about a family called the Birlings and their involvement to a suicidal murder, of a girl by the name of Eva smith. The main characters are the members of the Birling family, Author Birling, Sybil Birling his wife, Sheila and Eric their two children, And also Gerald croft, a young man who's getting engaged to Sheila. Before the arrival of the inspector in the first act, The Birling family is gathered on a dinner table dressed in evening clothes. The lightning is pink and intimate, which creates a casual celebrating atmosphere as the family is gathered round celebrating the engagement of Sheila and Gerald croft. But when the inspector arrives the lighting becomes brighter and harder which helps to create the audients attention. Mr. Birling talks about employers and how they will never strike even if they don't get paid enough. ...read more.


While she's been having a happy night with the engagement as well. But when she realized that she was involved she felt even worse then ran out the house. Gerald croft knew the girl under the name of Daisy Renton. He met her in the stalls bar at the palace music hall in Brumley. The girl told Gerald that she had no job no money and no place to stay so Gerald gave her key to his friends house who had gone to Canada. At this time Gerald was seeing Sheila so Daisy Renton was Gerald's mistress. Although he wasn't in love with her he was just looking after her. After he confession Sheila gave Gerald the ring back just incase he didn't return from his walk. Sheila didn't dislike Gerald she actually respected him more than she ever did because he was being honest. Mrs. Birling was the leader of a charity organization for women in need. ...read more.


The next time they met she told Eric that she was pregnant. She had no job so Eric kept giving her money until she refused to take any more. Altogether the money was �50 that had stolen from his fathers' office. Eric blamed his mother for every thing he claimed that if her mother helped Eva smith no of it would have happened. At the end after the inspector left. The characters start suspecting that maybe inspector goole wasn't even an inspector. They check at the hospital if a girl named Eva smith was taken in and they find out that no by that name had passed away at the hospital. Then they check at the station if there is an inspector goole who had just transfer and they were told that no inspector goole was transferred at the station. Then later on they get a call that a girl called Eva smith has just committed suicide, which is a big surprise to the audients and shock as well. Which lives the audients with the question of who was the inspector? ...read more.

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