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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls Arthur Birling was a very rich man and only seemed to care about his family and how well his business and financial position was progressing. He didn't know any of his workers and didn't want to either, as he quotes ' I have a couple of hundred workers under me, who keep changing' This shows that there was no personal relationship with Arthur or Eva Smith until the strike. Arthur claims that his workers came back of there holidays very restless and demanded for a pay rise. Of course Arthur denies it, so all the workers hadn't came back. After a few weeks the workers were getting poor so they had to come back and beg for their jobs. Arthur decided to let them come back because he might not want to admit it but he did need them. Because of all this trouble he decided to sack the ringleaders and Eva Smith appeared to be one of them. Eva Smith was out of work now for a couple of months, and was earning no money. She had no savings and her parents were dead so she couldn't ask them for help. ...read more.


He had an affair with her and then just abandoned her when he felt like it. This all started when he saw her one night at the Stalls bar in the Palace Theatre. A fat man was harassing Eva, so Gerald started talking to her and found out that she was starved, jobless, penniless and homeless. He insisted that she should stay at his flat in the city because he is never there. Gerald lived in the country and only used the flat when he was in the city. Eva didn't want to feel that she was under any obligation by living at the flat, but Gerald insisted and in the end she did stay there. After a few weeks Gerald kept popping round to see how she was getting on and things progressed to Eva being his Mistress and Gerald became the love of Eva's life. Eva loved Gerald very much but knew that things would come to an end soon because they were both from very different classes. Gerald didn't feel the same as Eva as she quotes " If she ever found out that Gerald didn't love her, her heart would be broken " Gerald eventually ended the relationship but this was no surprise to Eva because she new this day would come soon. ...read more.


Eric tried to help the girl as much as possible but she refused to marry him, claiming that she didn't love him. Eric wanted to help her as much as possible so he offered her money stolen from his Dad's safe. He said that he would pay is Father back in time. Eva knew that it was stolen so she refused to take it. Now she had no husband or job and she was due to have a baby soon enough. I think that this was the last straw in her life. The mystery of the Inspector was never revealed and I think that this was why I liked the story so much. It is what keeps the play alive, you never know what's going to happen next it always keeps you on your guard. But all the characters are realistic and believable. The inspectors goal was to make all of the characters feel guilty of what has happened and he did it very well. The question that will stay on people's mind is was the inspector real or did he have different photos for each different character? This is what keeps the Fire burning in the story. We will ever know? Gary Coyle 02/05/07 ...read more.

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