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An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls After discussion with those involved in the production of 'An Inspector Calls', I have decided to offer you the leading female role, that of Sheila Birling. The role is very challenging one and I would like to give you some idea of the play and Sheila Birlings part in it. The play is set in 1912 and explores the theme of social responsibilities. The Birlings are a prosperous middle classed family and when the curtains open they are at dinner where Sheila's engagement to Gerald Croft is to be announced. Gerald comes from an even wealthier and socially superior family then the Birlings. The present and optimistic mood is disturbed by the arrival of an Inspector Goole who is investigating the suicide of a young woman Eva Smith. Each of those at the dinner table has had some connection with Eva Smith and the Inspector tries to draw them into realizing their responsibility for her death. The inspector's role begins like a criminal investigation but gradually is how to be a moral investigation. Not every member of the Birling family responds with a sense of guilt, but the younger ones do. But Priestly's message is powerfully made, the message is that our life's are bound up with the life of others and we can not be selfish without paying a heavy price. ...read more.


But some how instead of braking down she's coming out of it stronger and understanding person. She seems almost to be on the inspectors' side, her parents regard him as meddling in their private affairs. They live in a narrow world and cannot understand the way in which the inspector tries to make them come out of it, look at themselves with greater honestly and change for the better.. Sheila knows that every question the inspector asks is aimed at making [people face up to the truth. The parents' have been treating her like a child and can not understand the change taking place in her. The difference between the parents and Sheila is shown when Birling tells the inspector angrily "I don't propose to give you much more rope". He's blind to what is happening around him and how differently Sheila understands is shown by her comment "he's giving us the rope-so that we will hang ourselves". Every reply by the Birlings will bring out the truth the inspector wants them to face. Sheila is disappointed with her lover (Gerald) she angry with her parents, because they seem more anxious to impress the inspector with their social position then to look deep into their own hearts "and can't you see both of you, you're making it worse". ...read more.


To you that is irrelevant because he has already changed your life and Eric's also. He is more then a real inspector. When Birling says "it makes all the difference" your reaction must be one of bitterness and disbelief as you say "I suppose we're all nice people now". You can not believe that their moral sense can be so distorted. There are discussions later about the photographs of Eva Smith followed by news at the end of a woman who is indeed dead. This is dramatic but the real climax is when it becomes obvious to the audience that the inspector's message about our responsibility for others that "we don't live alone" has been forcefully made. It will remain true regardless of whether the inspector was real and whether there ever was an Eva Smith. It is important for you too show the change that takes place in Sheila Birling through the reactions to the inspectors question your disgraced about the selfishness of your parents and the part you also played. You must show the entire change from you being a na�ve girl turning into a grown up woman. Priestly passes a great moral message in this story and enforces several times. We are all equal and we do not live alone we must look out for each other regardless of social class. Majuran Sivasupramaniam 11AD ...read more.

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