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An Inspector Calls By J.B. Priestly.

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Name: Adil Brir. English Group: 10E. An Inspector Calls By J.B. Priestly Topic: We don't live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. What is Priestly's main aim in 'An Inspector Calls'? How does he achieve it? Paragraph 1: Responsibility. The aim of the writer is to show us how important each character's role in the play is. He uses each character to get his message across and uses an inspector to make each character (except Edna) to take responsibility for their actions and responsibility for Eva Smith's death. The writer focuses on the word responsibility and bases the events in play on the word responsibility. Paragraph 2: Characters Roles. Eva Smith. She is a young lady who is mentally strong and initiated a strike but failed to consider all of the consequences, being fired or getting a pay rise. This proves that she is a lady who failed to think ahead which lead to her being fired and her being jobless. Eva Smith is a lady who was of lower class to the Birling's and the Croft's and because of this; many rejected her, which resulted in her suicide. ...read more.


Eric also stole money from his fathers business so he could try to support Eva Smith after he found out the predicament she was in. Eric also failed to think ahead that his father would find out that he had been stealing from him. Although his intentions were good when he stole the money he should of first asked for advice about his predicament and then asked his father for some money to support the mother of his child. Mrs Birling and Sheila Birling: Both ladies denied Eva Smith money to support herself, which led to her suicide. Mrs Birling. She is a lady who bleeds inside because of her grief after rejecting Eva Smith money and a stable place to live but she tries to put on a brave face until she meets the inspector. Mrs Birling is the engine of the family and tries to keep things running perfectly. When Eva Smith approaches Mrs Birling using Mrs Birling's name, Mrs Birling rejects her straight away and doesn't look back. Mrs Birling also believes that she takes a major part in Eva Smith's death. She doesn't act like any person in her family because she doesn't victimise lower class people and she doesn't think she's better off than lower class people, but she also worries about her family reputation. ...read more.


Paragraph 4: Inspectors Main Role. I think that the inspector was created by the writer to look out for the Birling family. He paid a visit to the Birling's so they could sort out their stories before a real inspector did come. The writer makes the inspector a demanding person and someone to be afraid of. He asks awkward questions that puts each person in a compromising position to unwire the question, the way they would like. I think J.B. Priestly presents him in a great way because he paints a picture into the minds of the readers that he is a commanding person who loves to hear the truth. The writer also tries to create a character that makes the other characters afraid. Paragraph 5: Conclusion. I think that J.B. Priestly could not put his message across any better. He first shows the relationship between higher-class people and lower class people. He then shows how we are all members of one body, as each person contributed to the death of Eva Smith and we are responsible for each others actions, because if you're discriminating to one person, the next person is the same as you. After reading this play, the writer has taught me to treat people as individuals and not to categorise them in to different classes. ...read more.

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