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An Inspector Calls By J.B.Priestly

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An Inspector Calls By J.B.Priestly By Antony Phillips The play "An Inspector Calls" was set in 1912 but was written in 1945. The play was set in a fictional town called "Brumley." In the year 1945 the audience would have been of the same class as the people in the play, they would have been middle upper class. At this time the only thing people thought that mattered was how people saw you and what kind of class you were in. When the play was written the country was in the middle of a change, for the better, after the Second World War. The main characters in the play are Mr Birling, Mrs Birling, Sheila the daughter whose parents won't let her be exposed to the real world and is living a surreal fantasy world. There is also Eric the son who is an alcoholic. The other main characters are inspector Goole and Gerald, Sheila's fianc�. The playwright J.B.Priestly was proud of his humble beginnings. He was very critical of people who were in positions of authority he always said they should be more responsible and look out for those who are not so privileged as them. ...read more.


and Mrs. Birling think people should look after themselves and be grateful for what they have. The audience begins to realize the differences between the younger and older generations. Mr. and Mrs. Birling-the older generation are very narrow minded, and selfish, whereas the younger generation-Sheila and Eric are eager to change and take responsibility, and learn from their mistakes. Sheila realizes that the Inspector is leading Mrs. Birling into a trap and forcing her to say things about social responsibility, which will later be used against her. The audience sees this dramatic irony and increase in tension also. It appears that Sheila and Eric are keener to admit their social faults. They understand there Parents are wrong-everything isn't as peaceful and good as their father makes out. When Eric arrives at the end of act two we see Mrs. Birling's comments about the way the father should be held responsible for the pregnancy of Eva Smith/Daisy Renton used against her, as does Mr. Birling. The comments that Mrs. Birling made were; "I tell you what you what I told here, Go and look for the father of the child. ...read more.


Birling find the whole ordeal before the Phone call very amusing and shows that they are immature by a comment at the end; "(Pointing to Eric and Sheila) Now look at the pair of them, the famous younger generation who know it all. And they can't even take a joke." This shows that the Inspectors visit has not had an impact on them and just because a real inspector has not interrogated them they are allowed to forget their callous actions towards Eva Smith/Daisy Renton. At the beginning Sheila is sheltered, immature and overprotected, at the end she becomes more mature and the audience can see she has changed for the better. Sheila realizes her faults and is willing to change for the better in the future. This to the audience represents what J.B Priestley was intending to do, make people realize what their social responsibilities are. He tries to make them change the way act in the future. J.B Priestly uses hindsight and his knowledge of society to show the audience that every action has a reaction and if we were given the chance to change decisions would we? J.B Priestley tries to make the audience, which would be the middle class people of the 1940's feel guilty and sorry for people less fortunate than them. He intends to make a difference on the audience. ...read more.

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