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An Inspector Calls By J.B Priestly - Interpretation.

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An Inspector Calls By J.B Priestly English Coursework Interpretation by Gareth Bryan The play 'An Inspector Calls' was written by J.B Priestly. He began writing it in 1942 after 'toying' with the idea for many years. The play was finally released in the UK in 1946. Priestly was born in 1894. He joined the infantry in 1914 at the age of 20 when World War One broke out, and he left in 1919. In this time he had fought at the front line in France and thus saw the destruction man can cause. He had lived through the first and second world wars, as well as the birth and deployment of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During this time, Priestly gained a far greater appreciation for life than ever before, as he had experienced German shells exploding no more than two or three feet away from him, as well as surviving a gas attack. This greatly influenced Priestley's writing, as in WW1 the resources were very basic. For example, men on horse back. Then just 31 years later it was the atomic bomb, which caused a lot more death and a lot less allied casualties than all other weapons and techniques. ...read more.


Shelia is Arthur Birlings daughter, soon to be engaged to Gerald Croft. Shelia starts off as the quiet and understandably happy girl, but towards the end she becomes a lot more dominating and verbose. She looses the innocence around P18/19, around the time Gerald gets incorporated into the plot. Sheila's role was that one day she went to a local department store to try a hat on, she could not get the hat to look good on her so an assistant put it on. Sheila became jealous because it suited her, then when she tried it on again the assistant, (Eva Smith) had a little laugh, thus Sheila already being in a bad mood was then enraged further and threatened to revoke the family account from the store if the girl was there the next time she visited. Sybil is Arthur Birlings wife, she is quiet through out the whole confrontation with the inspector, although she is very stern and commanding over the younger characters. As with all the other Birling's, Sybil has her own little role. Sybil was a member of the society set up to help people like Eva Smith, but when she too turned her back on Eva Smith, Sybil became part of the plot. ...read more.


The ending is very peculiar. After Eric had come in and explained the inspector was a fake there was a phone call from the police: "Hello Mr Birling, a woman has just died on the way to the hospital after ingesting cleaning products there is an inspector on the way". In the TV movie version of this book, there are some subtle differences. I enjoyed the film as it gives you a different view of all the characters. I feel more sympathy for Eric than before and I noticed that it makes the inspector a lot more eerie, i.e. with the ending being that the inspector suddenly disappears from a locked room and there is just an empty rocking chair the inspector had been sat in still rocking. It is a cool eerie effect but was not included in the book The book has influenced me in the way that you should always think through what you do before you do it, as whatever you do there are always repercussions and not always good ones. It shows what the consequences could be if you forget that. Gareth Bryan 10R1 English Coursework An Inspector Calls ...read more.

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