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An Inspector Calls Coursework

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Compare and contrast Sheila and Eric with Mr & Mrs Birling. Who learns more from Inspector Goole's visit and why? 'An Inspector Calls' is a play about and inspector that teaches the Birling's and Gerald Croft that the way they treat other people just because they are a lower class than them is not right. This play was written by J.B. Priestley. The play is set in a 1912 dinning room. Priestley does this to show the differences between capitalist and socialist, conservative and labour. Priestley was trying to show his 1945 audience how things had changed since 1912 and also how some things still need to change. The head of the Birling household is Mr Birling. He is a pompous, self-employed, arrogant man that says he is going to get a knighthood. Also he follows the capitalist idea very strongly and even wants his own son Eric to pay money back. You can see his capitalist ideas when he says "these people will soon be asking for the earth" this shows he doesn't like the working class asking for anything because if they get what they want they would become more like him and other middle classes. Mr Birling started off the chain of events that leads to Eva Smith's death in September 1910 when he fired her from the Birling factory because she went on strike to get more money. ...read more.


Also it made her feel upset, distraught, sympathetic and even makes her feel responsible. This is shown in the stage directions "miserable" and "distressed". This just shows how much she changes from the inspectors visit. At the beginning of the play Mrs Birling is described as an upper class snob that believes herself to be better than everyone else. Mrs Birling, the wife of Mr Birling is also a capitalist and a strong believer in the different classes. Mrs Birling's reactions to the inspectors show is that she was defensive "and if I was, what business is it of yours?" this shows she doesn't like the inspector questioning her as he is a lower class than her. She was also rude "girls of that class.." showing she is snobby and just like Mr Birling. Unlike Sheila she doesn't take responsibility for Eva's death "I don't think we need to discuss it" this helps to show us the differences between the younger and older generation of the family. Mrs Birling is the chairman of the women's committee and this is how she plays a part of Eva Smiths death. Eva who was pretending her name was Daisy go to the committee to try and get some money as she was pregnant, but she said her name was Mrs Birling and this annoyed the real Mrs Birling and used her power to have her request denied. ...read more.


They feel that they are just like Eva Smith as she is young as well and the only difference is she had less money and the way they were brought up. This shows us that the younger generation are learning and that the future is going to change. Mr and Mrs Birling haven't changed as they are to selfish and stubborn in there ways to change what they think is right. All they think about is money and even make sure there kids pay back all there money, like when Mr Birling says Eric has to pay every penny of the fifty pound he stole from his office. Because of the capitalist ways of thinking they believe they control the working class. People now can learn from this because we still have some capitalist ways today where in some places men get paid more than women and how we still need to respect each other, still need to put people first and that people are more important than money. People need to be treated fairly and equally to make sure we live in harmony. J.B. Priestley wrote this play to try and get rid of the class system as he thought it was wrong and to try and get people to vote labour as they believe in socialism and treating people equally if they have more money or not. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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