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An Inspector Calls Critical Evaluation - The main goal of this essay is to write about the role of Inspector Goole in the play. Other details will also going into consideration.

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An Inspector Calls Critical Evaluation The main goal of this essay is to write about the role of Inspector Goole in the play. Other details will also going into consideration. An Inspector Calls is a play wrote by J.B Priestly. The first scene shows a dining room of a large Edwardian house. The furniture and the people around the large dining table shows us that these are wealthy and probably people of high stature. The people around the table consist of Arthur Birling (the father), Sybil Birling (the mother), Sheila Birling (the daughter), Eric Birling (the son) and Gerald Croft (whom has just become engaged to Sheila Birling). After they have finished dinner they settle down and start drinking port. Then Arthur Birling makes a speech towards Sheila and Gerald's engagement, to the family. Already, we are having ideas about how the Birlings and Gerald Croft are quite smug and self-centred in the way the act. Then the doorbell rings when Arthur is making his speech. He continues with his speech, and just before the maid announces that a police inspector has called, Arthur makes a comment that goes right to the heart of the play. ...read more.


"Burnt her inside out, of course" he finishes, which shocks Eric initially, then Sheila. This is already showing that the Inspector has a good way with words, which can alter some vulnerable people's attitudes. It is now seen in Act 1 of An Inspector Calls the attitudes and personalities of each of the members of the Birling family, and Gerald Croft. Also this "inspector" has been shown as a powerful and key character of the play. Briefly, the play carries on with the Inspector interrogating each of the people, and finding out how every one of them are involved in driving Eva Smith to suicide. Throughout the play the character of the Inspector is presented as a cool headed and highly interigationaly driven person. When he is interrogating and questioning, as well as provoking, the older members of the family and Gerald Croft about there connection with Eva Smith, they always reply with nonplussed looks on their faces, and total denial of anything the Inspector has to say. The Inspector, of course, knows exactly that they are lying and he sometimes will play around with them, just making them dig there hole deeper and deeper, and then when they eventually get mad, or irritated, and start having a ...read more.


They do this by calling the local police station and asking them if an Inspector Goole had been enrolled, they reply by saying no. This raises the spirits of them, and now they think there of the hook. Still Eric and Sheila are upset because of the "death" of Eva Smith. Gerald comes up with the proposition that the Inspector, while interigating them, had shown them all different pictures of this girl and that they have been fooled. Arthur agrees triumphantly. Still Eric replies by saying that a girl has still died and that's all that mattered. Then Arthur suggests that no girl has died and if the Inspector lied about his position, and the photos, then he could be lying about a girl dying in the Infirmary. He then calls the Infirmary and discovers that no girl has died of suicide, and that nobody has been brought in from drinking bleach. Then the whole families go straight back into their old attitudes and state of mind like they were like at the start of the play. But then suddenly the phone rings and they all find out that a girl has just committed suicide by drinking bleach, and has died, and that an Inspector is coming round to ask some questions ...read more.

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