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'An Inspector Calls' - Dear Kate Winslet, enclosed I have the information on the character you are playing.

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`An Inspector Calls' Coursework Dear Kate Winslet, enclosed I have the information on the character you are playing. Firstly Kate, the play has been set in 1912 a couple of years before the First World War. I've considered at length how to summarise the plot but the best description is that from the book itself. "Arthur Birling, a prosperous manufacturer in the early years of the 20^th century, is holding a family dinner party to celebrate his daughter's engagement. Into the cosy scene intruded the harsh figure of a police inspector investigating the suicide of a young woman." The play is set in a town called Brumby. The family who he is investigating is called the Birling family and because they're under a lot of pressure they all confess to a shameful secret, which links them with the suicide. J.B Priestley's message to the audience is that everyone in society is responsible for each other and that we should consider how the actions of certain people could affect others. ...read more.


Kate, another thing that you have to remember is that Shelia's pleasant life style is about to be ruined. When all the turmoil is about to start you would have to now act more serious. This would show the audience that Shelia is a very involving person. In act two of the play Shelia has found out about the involvement of Gerald with Eva Smith as well as her own. She has broken off her engagement and is seeking answers about Eva's death. To make things worse for your character her mother, Mrs Birling has discovered her part in the suicide death. Eva had applied for help at her charity. Eva at the time was pregnant and was probably turned down because she used the name Mrs Birling. Mrs Birling found that rude somehow so she persuaded the committee to not help Eva. Shelia had her reasons for breaking off her engagement to Gerald. During the summer he had an affair with Eva who he met at a bar frequented by prostitutes. ...read more.


Shelia because of all the anguish she has endured became hysterical. I would expect you now to answer questions put forward more assertive and dramatic. For example when Eric was talking about how the Mr Goole inspected them she butts in saying "he inspected us alright." This type of spontaneous question answering would be quite confusing for the audience to understand. You could simplify the matter by answering more questions in the same tone of voice. This would enhance Shelia's hysteria even more. After your great performance in the production of Titanic I feel you could deliver your keys lines with ease. This was seen in the intense scene moments of Titanic. As you already know the two plays were set in the same Edwardian era. The clothing we are using in the Inspector Calls Play is the same as the clothing you would have seen the high social members of the Titanic wearing. The vocabulary would be very similar to so you should find it easy. I hope to see you at rehearsals shortly, but until then take care. Yours truly, Sean Toomey ...read more.

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