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An Inspector Calls - Discuss the view that Eva Smith was an immoral troublemaker who, bycommitting suicide, was responsible for her own fate, and the murder ofher unborn child.

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Discuss the view that Eva Smith was an immoral troublemaker who, by committing suicide, was responsible for her own fate, and the murder of her unborn child This statement is neither right nor wrong, it has two different sides to it, and in this essay I shall try and discuss both sides of this opinion. Eva Smith had an acceptable job at Mr Birling's factory, and she had the normal wages of a factory worker, but these wages were as low as the factory could make them, and they weren't nearly enough to live off. With a few of her fellow workers Eva decided to ask for higher wages, instead of twenty-two and six they asked for twenty-five shillings a week, which is only two and a half shillings more, hardly a substantial increase. Their boss refused, so they decided to go on strike to try and get the rise that they wanted. However their pitiful savings didn't last long, and eventually they had to return to the factory, and ask for their jobs back. Most of the girls were taken on again, apart from the ring leaders, who were fired. Eva was one of these ring leaders, and she was fired along with the others. ...read more.


This is shown particularly by Gerald dropping Daisy as soon as he wanted to, when it was convenient for him. He didn't even think about whether it was convenient for her, he didn't ask her to leave, he just told her that she had to. Also Gerald knew that she had fallen in love with him, "I didn't feel about her as she felt about me" but he didn't let this bother him about leaving her, because he had never loved her, so it didn't matter that he was never going to see her. It was irrelevant to him that she loved him more than anyone else in the world; it didn't affect him. Then when he did ask her to leave "she was - very gallant - about it" (Gerald). This shows that she knew it wasn't going to last for ever; she wasn't stupid. However, on the other side of this point, it was stupid of Daisy to go to the Palace Bar in the first place. She knew what went on in the Bar, and she knew that the men didn't exactly treat the women there nicely. It was silly to put herself at risk to the rough-handling of men, and she should have expected what Gerald had done to her. ...read more.


Also it was dishonest of her to make up a story in the first place. She pretended that her husband had left her, which was an outright lie, because she had never had a husband, only a man who she slept with several times, and also she was the one who told Eric to stop giving her money, she stood back from Eric's advances, and she said that it was a bad idea that they were married. "She had been turned out and turned down too many times, this was the end." (Inspector) Daisy eventually committed suicide because there was nothing left for her, and she knew she wouldn't be able to give her child any future worth living for. Her illegitimate baby would be used and ill-treated just as Daisy had been, so Daisy knew there was no point in giving birth to the poor thing, so I don't think she was responsible for the death of her unborn baby, I think it was the fault of the people who misused her, such as the Birlings, and Gerald. They were all important factors in the eventual death of Eva (Daisy) Smith. It wasn't Daisy's fault that she committed suicide, there was just nothing left for her. She had nowhere to live, no money, no friends, and she had just been turned down by charity, so she gave up. ...read more.

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